Mexican Brunch on a Plate

Have I mentioned that my absolute favorite meal of the day is breakfast-brunch? Pastries and pancakes and all sorts of wonderful things. If I could eat only once, it would be the morning meal. And if I had it my way, that meal would last all day.

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Holy Saturday’s Easter Vigil

As a Christian, today is a day of sorrow and of joy. Joy in the belief that Christ is the Risen Lord. Sorry for having caused Him pain and suffering. The reason that Catholic Churches have the Crucifix displayed above the alter rather than an empty cross is to remind us of the price of sin.

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A Florida Inspired Brunch

Today is National Florida Day, so let’s talk about the 27th state to join the Union. The Sunshine State is also home to the oldest established city in the country. Founded by Spanish Explorers in 1556, St. Augustine’s streets invite visitors to walk in the footsteps of 16th-century Bishops, ponder the escapades of the Pirates of the Caribbean and dream of hidden treasures.

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A Brunch to Start the New Year in Style

One of the best things about living in Las Vegas has got to be New Year’s Eve. Even the local stay in hotels on the strip. Not only are the parties fairly wild, but the next day the brunch buffets are to-die-for. While I don’t miss the insanity of the strip on New Year’s Eve, I do miss the luxury of their upscale New Year’s Day Brunch.

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A Celtic Full Monty Breakfast

The Celtic Tree of Life symbolizes harmony and balance in the universe. Celts believed that trees were the ancestors of human beings and that the Tree of Life possessed special powers. Trees were a connection to the world of the spirits, doorways into other worlds. The most sacred of all trees is the Oak Tree which represents the center of the world. The Oak tree is the doorway to other worlds, the realm of Fairies and Magic. It was believed that the roots of the tree penetrated the depths of lower worlds, while the branches stretched out to touch the heavens. The tree is a symbol of long life, wisdom and rebirth.

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