And So the Forty Days of Penance Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday. In light of recent events, I offer up my prayers throughout the Lenten Season to the people of Ukraine and Russia. The world stands witness to evil wrapped in the form of a single human being who has been allowed to rise to power. Lord, be with us all. Amen.

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Ash Wednesday and Acts of Kindness

Within the Christian world, today is Ash Wednesday and marks the start of the Lenten Season. While the calendar counts 46 days until Easter, the Lenten Season is actually 40 Days. Sundays are “exempt”, considered outside the penance of Lent. Why? As a Catholic, we celebrate the Mass. The act of celebration is separate from the act of penance.

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And So It Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday. In the Christian world, it signals the beginning of the Lenten Season, a time of reflection and Abstinence. Like Advent, when Christians prepare for the coming of Christ, Lent is a time of preparation as well.

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