Delicious Memories of Christmas Past

For those who are familiar with the social media Facebook, you know that the site will prompt you with reminders of past memories you’ve shared. Who doesn’t like a trip down memory lane?

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Christmas Appetizers at the Farm

Let’s begin with a small disclaimer. My featured image is not a photograph of our beloved Family Farm. Dad’s pick-em-up is in much better shape, and the barn is a beautiful shade of red with a fairly new roof. I know because painting and re-roofing were family projects not that long ago. I just liked the country feel of the photo, so I thought it would be nice to share.

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B.L.T. Canapés with Basil Mayonnaise

Aren’t these canapés simply beautiful? I love the play on Christmas Colors – the greens of the basil and the reds of the tomatoes. Perfect little gems if you ask me. What? Christmas appetizers and we haven’t even had Turkey Day yet?

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Christmas Appetizers – And the Winners Are . . .

It seems whenever I am planning a party, or attending a pot luck, I always run into the same problem – what do I make? It’s not a question of what so much as in a lack of ideas or inspiration. It’s more a struggle of narrowing things down to a reasonable amount of foods. There are times when I throw sensibility right out the window, and make everything. There are times when my guys rein me in with a firm “are you out of your mind?”

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Christmas Party Potato Platter with Fresh Dill and Red Caviar

Aren’t these potatoes pretty, all dressed up in their red and green?  I made them a few years ago, before my retirement, for an office Christmas Party. Even among people unfamiliar with the pleasures of caviar as a garnish, these pretty little potatoes were a big hit. These bite-size potatoes were so simple to whip up, yet looked so elegant on the cocktail buffet table. And best of all, you can make them a day in advance, perfect for office parties or when you want to have more time to relax with your holiday guests.

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Joyful Christmas Nibbles to Brighten Your Table

One of my all time favorite things to do is create themed tables for holidays or special events. I can spend hours upon hours reading through recipes, visualizing the beautiful table in my mind. Holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are some of the easiest to bring together. Just check the internet – there are entire sites dedicated to holiday entertaining. And not just the big holidays. Do a little digging and you can find recipes and decorating tips for just about anything. I love them all. It’s the attention to detail that pulls me in. I am such a stickler for detail.

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