Easter Brunch Blueberry Poppy Seed Cake

In addition to Good Friday, this is also my Mother’s birthday. She is with the Lord. I wish I could bring her flowers, but I’m not sure what the restrictions might be as far as unnecessary travel.

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Good Morning Easter Breakfast Stuffed Brunch Ring

Good Morning! Are we excited for Easter yet? I know that I sure am. While this year will be a quiet Easter spent at home, there are still so many wonderful dishes to consider for a simple Easter Brunch.

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Mini Flower Easter Pastry Tarts

Happy Hump Day! The closer we get to Easter, the more excited I become. And that surprises me. I thought for sure I’d be sad, separated from my extended family on this most Holy of Celebrations.

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Super Easy Hot Cross Buns

Are you a great baker? Nope, me either. I can make a Chocolate Soufflé just fine, but I’m not the best when it comes to dinner rolls or breads or things that require all that kneeing and rising and well, you get the picture.

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Easter Morning and Resurrection Cinnamon Rolls

For those who are Christian, today is a very special day. I wish you all the blessings this day brings. For those who are not, who have a different belief than mine,  I respect that. I invite you to skip over this posting.  Hopefully you will join me later with recipes more to your liking.

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Easter Brunch Makes Sunday Special

I simply adore creating beautiful menus compete with delicious recipes to mark the significance of a particular day. While there are certain foods that make an appearance year after year, new twists are a fun way to bring variety to the table. While it has been twenty years or more since my family did a big brunch for Easter, I remember it fondly. A nice ham, Ann’s Awesome Quiche, warm rolls, several vegetable dishes that bring color to the table while complementing the overall “feel”. No true breakfast food in sight. Oh but it was all so very delicious. Why not do it again?

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