Guardian Angels, Seared Scallops and Sunday Supper

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Most people do. And this believe isn’t limited to people of faith or a particular religion. Nearly half of those who have never attended religious services or belong to a religious organization think angels exist.

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Guardian Angels and A Fried Scallop Feast

A belief in guardian angels isn’t exclusive to Christians. Guardian Angels can be found throughout all antiquities. Babylonians and Assyrians testified to the existence of Guardian Angels through the art that once decorated palaces. Bible doctrine on the subject is clear. Yet one does not have to embrace a religious foundation to believe in angels, especially Guardian Angels.

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Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? If not, while you are not alone, you might just find yourself in the minority. While the term “Guardian” does not appear in the Bible, the idea of Guardian Angels does. And you don’t have to believe in Angels for Angels to exist. Believers and nonbelievers alike walk the earth with Angels.

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