Holy Monday and Fondue

We know that Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We also know that He and those traveling with him did not spend the night in Jerusalem. We know this because both Matthew and Mark tell us the story of the Fig Tree.

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Holy Monday of Holy Week

The Events of Holy Monday
On the way back into the city from Bethany, where Jesus and the twelve spent the night, Jesus became hungry. Seeing a fig tree with no fruit on it, though it was full of leaves and thus should have been full of fruit, Jesus spoke a curse on the tree. Jesus went to the temple on Monday and confronted those making a profit off of the people coming to worship there.

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Holy Monday Tilapia with Tomato-Caper Salsa

Today is Holy Monday. It is the second day of Easter Week, which began on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday marked Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Historical documents tell us that as early as the fourth century, the Church celebrated what was called “The Great Week”.

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