A Memorable Feast for Holy Thursday

Tradition has it that Holy Thursday was Christ’s Last Supper. It was the Passover Seder, rich in tradition, scripture and customs. While we can appreciate the observation, it does not belong to us. Passover belongs to the Jewish faith alone.

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Honoring Holy Thursday

Today is April Fool’s Day. Under any other circumstance, we’d be having all sorts of fun today with crazy posting and the like. But not this year. This year April Fool’s Day happens to fall during Holy Week. That take precedence in my book.

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Holy Thursday Roasted Supper

One of the traditions in our house is to have some sort of roasted meat on Holy Thursday. We aren’t lamb eaters; although I do love Lamb Gyros. Kiddo has to be in the mood for a Lamb Gyro, and Hubby says no way. He’s not really keen on strong flavors.

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