On This Holy Tuesday

Tuesday is a humble day of the week even during the most ordinary of times. Sunday is the Day of the Lord, a day of rest and prayer. Monday, for most of us, begins a new work week. Wednesday is Hump Day. Friday we are grateful for the weekend. Even Thursday is one day closer to that precious weekend.

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Holy Tuesday’s Spicy Colorado Feast

On Holy Tuesday, as the twelve followed Jesus past the same fig tree from the day before, Peter was struck by what he saw. The tree was completely withered. Christ saw this as an opportunity to teach.

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Holy Tuesday and a Walk in the Park

The Events of Holy Tuesday
The next day, Peter noticed the fully withered fig tree Jesus had cursed, to which Jesus admonished a lesson in what it means to have faith and recognize the power of forgiveness.

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Holy Tuesday Shrimp Tacos

We all love Taco Tuesday, even during Holy Week. In the past, we’ve tried to refrain from any meat during the entire forty days of Lent. Remember, those forty days do not include Sundays. Even during Lent, Sundays are Feast Days of the Lord. How did we do in our quest of No Meat Lenten Season?  Failed. We did stick to the No Meat Friday, but didn’t make it through an entire forty-day abstinence.

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