Our Lady of Altagracia and Orange Blossoms

Our Lady of Altagracia, Our Lady of Grace, is the protector of the Dominican people. They believe with all their hearts that Our Lady watches over their island, leading the people to her Son, Christ Jesus. Her feast day is huge in the Dominican Republic.

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Feast Day of Our Lady of Altagracia

Here we are, on the down side of January. Yesterday was a big day in America. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a conservative Republican. It was hard and a little scary to see the country go so blue. Maybe I drank the Republican cool aid but the thought of American becoming a Solicits Country scares me. Yet as a woman of faith, I must trust in God and in His wisdom.

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Dominican’s Our Lady of Altagracia

Our Lady of Altagracia goes by many beautiful names including my favorite, Our Lady of Grace. She is said to watch over and protect the people of the Dominican Republic. The Dominicans see the sacred image as exemplifying how Our Lady watches over the island, nurturing the growth of Christianity there.

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