Behold the Solemnity of Mary

Catholics worldwide observe many important Feasts during the Twelve Days of Christmas. There is the Feast of Saint Stephen, Saint John the Apostle, the Holy Innocents and Holy Family. While each feast is important, none is greater than the one today.

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On the Eighth Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me Eight Maids a Milking. Our one true love, Christ Jesus, gave to us the Sermon on the Mound and the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes exemplify spiritual strength even in the face of despair.

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Celebrating the Solemnity of This Day

From an ecclesiastic view, today is the third Solemnity Day of the New Year. From a secular perspective, it is New Year’s Day so naturally the first Solemnity of the calendar year. Solemnity Days are not necessarily Holy Days of Obligation, although some are. Confused? Try being a Catholic!

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Triple Berry Cobbler in Celebration of this Day

For Latin Rite Catholics around the world, today is more than just the first day of the new year, it’s also a Holy Day of Obligation. Yep, we get up on New Year’s Day and go to mass. And not just any mass, this is the Solemnity of Mary, Holy Mother of God. January 1st is the Octave (8th) day of Christmastide. That’s a fancy word for Christmastime or the Christmas Season within the liturgical year. It’s also the 8th day in the life of a Jewish Baby Boy.

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