Celebrating All Saints’ Day

Today is All Saints Day. It is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics. That means we are obligated to attend Mass on November 1. The exception would be if November 1 should fall on a Saturday or Monday. Then the Obligation of Mass is moved to Sunday.

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Oh When The Saints

Come Marching In. Today is All Saints Day. I can’t help it, when I think All Saints then I hear music and suddenly I’m transported to a place I’ve only seen in my dreams – New Orleans. More on that later.

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Blessed Be This Day

Today is All Saints’ Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day (thus explaining why October 31 is Halloween – or All Hallows’ Eve). In Western Christianity, this Holy Day is celebrated by the Catholic Church as well as a number of Protestant Churches. November 1 is also the day before All Souls’ Day, more closely associated with Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholics and Byzantine Lutheran churches. Roman Catholics observed both.

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