Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker

May 1st is a very strange day, historically torn in different directions. It is the mid-way point between Spring and Summer. It is International Workers Day, Loyalty Day and the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker.

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A Simple Breakfast for Saint Joseph

Today is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary. We really don’t know much about Joseph except that he was Mary’s earthly Husband, the earthly father to Christ and that Joseph came from Bethlehem.

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Feast of Saint Joseph and 5th Friday of Lent

On the National Calendar, March 19th is Poultry Day – a day to enjoy all things poultry, from eggs at breakfast to fried chicken for supper. Poultry actually refers to all domestic birds that are raised for their meat and eggs. Poultry includes chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, quail and even pheasant. The most common farm raised poultry are chickens.

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