Friday’s Cod Fish Hoagies with Tarter Sauce

Happy Friday! It’s the start of another great weekend for most folks. And a day to pause in quiet reflection for most Old-school Catholics. Sadly some have forgotten the importance of penance, and this is especially true in America.

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Ember Friday and the 2nd Friday of Lent

Today is the second Friday of Lent and the first Friday following the first Sunday of Lent. That would mean it’s an Ember Days Friday, too. So confusing. Bottom line is it’s a day of Abstinence within the Universal Catholic Church. It means no meat today. It is also a celebration of Spring with Ember Days of Lent.

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Italian Baked Cod Fillets

Today is National English Toffee Day. The challenge of the day is to whip up a batch of buttery confection topped with almonds. Think Heath Bar, but without the chocolate. In the US English Toffee is made by caramelizing white sugar with butter. A true English Toffee is made with brown sugar, no nuts, and a layer of chocolate.

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Land of the Midnight Sun

North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on. Way up north. Not only is Alaska the largest state, it is home to the highest mountain peaks in the country. Alaska was dubbed the Last Frontier. In many ways, it still is. Long before the Russians and European explorers found their way to the Arctic land, Alaska was home to indigenous people. Their ancestors continue to carve out a life in the frozen yet beautiful Land of the Midnight Sun.

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Florentine Style Cod

When we hear “Florentine”, our thoughts immediately gravitate to spinach and Italy. Interestingly enough, the phrase a la Florentine was  actually coined by the French. While we might not fully know why Florence is so often associated with spinach, some believe the style of dish was named for the birthplace of Catherine de Medicis; who introduced Spinach into Callic cuisine with her marriage to France’s Prince Henry in 1533.

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Unbelievably Easy Cod Fish Tacos

I think I’ve mentioned it a time or three, but Hubby loves his Mexican Foods. Darn near anything Mexican is delicious in his book. I’m really not sure where that comes from since he grew up in the Midwest, of German-Russian stock.

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The Story of Fish and Chips From Across the Pond

When you think of Fish and Chips, what immediately springs to mind? Jolly old England, of course. How much more English can you get? Right? Well, sort of. While Fish and Chips were made popular in England, and from there spread to the rest of the dining world, it’s roots aren’t English at all.

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Baked Cod Piccata with Asparagus at Last

Have you ever had a meal on the menu for weeks and yet something (like life) keeps getting in the way? Such was the case of for Cod Piccata. The first obstetrical was acquiring  Cod, as in not the stuff from the freezer but the fish counter.

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Buttery Baked Cod with Garlic Couscous

Couscous is like Bora Bora or Mahi Mahi, so awesome you need to say it twice. Okay, so Bora Bora and Mahi Mahi are actually the same words twice, while Couscous is just one word. Reason? You can’t shorten it. Okay, you might never call Bora Bora just Bora, but I bet you’ve said Mahi for the fish rather than Mahi Mahi. I know I have. You know, as in we’re grilling wild caught Mahi tonight.

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Roasted Cod with Tomato Cream Sauce

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to eating things that were once alive, be it warm or cold blooded, we tend to eat creatures less attractive or that appear stupid. While there are exceptions such as deer or rabbits, for the most part this is true.

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Codfish a La Lyonnaise with Tender Fiddleheads

A few years back, while hiking through the dense coastal redwoods of the Pacific Northwest, I could not help but be taken in by the beauty of the forest floor. It was thick with lush green ferns. July was far too late to be hunting for fiddleheads, yet I could not help but to look – you never know. Hubby watched me for a few minutes, an odd look on his face. I explained that I was looking for an edible part of the fern. I’ve never seen fiddleheads in the markets and have been curious about them.

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Not My Mother’s Friday Night Fish Sticks

Today is day twenty-one of the Lenten Season, the forth Friday of Lent. I cannot think of Lenten Fridays without remembering those torturous Friday nights of my youth.

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Lenten Tartar Sauce Coleslaw on a Cod Fish Sandwich

Today is the eighth day of the Lenten Season. Time to really get creative and think outside my typical box. As I put together my meal planner, I asked Hubby if he liked Coleslaw. I had noticed that he generally cringed away from slaw that came as a side in some restaurants. He said sure, if it’s done right he would eat it. What about Tartar Sauce Coleslaw on a Cod Fish Sandwich? He gave me a strange look, thought for a moment and agreed he would be willing to give it a try. So the adventure began.

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Classic Fish and Chips

One of Hubby’s all-time favorites has got to be Pub Style Fish and Chips. I’m not sure if it’s the idea of fried fish, the batter, the tarter sauce or the perfect marriage of all these ingredients coming together. Kiddo and I are the Malt Vinegar type when it comes to Fish and Chips. Kiddo likes Malt Vinegar so much, he even puts it on his fries. While I’m a fan of malt vinegar, I work hard to make sure it NEVER comes in contact with my chips aka fried potatoes.

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Oven Baked Fish and Chips

In an effort to eat more healthy meals, Hubby and I have decided to include a nice helping of fish at least twice a week. At first, we thought this decision would create issues. After all, our tastes are different.

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