A Beautiful Glazed Salmon Supper

Here it is, another Friday Night. Every now and again, our local market has a good deal of wild caught Salmon. When they do, you better believe we take advantage of it.

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Autumn Ember Days and Grilled Salmon

Ember Days are among the most confusing of Catholic practices. Ember Days are by their very nature an extension of our agrarian roots. Yet most Catholics today are unfamiliar with the term Ember Days let alone how to observe them.

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Dining in the Shadow of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Today is National Lighthouse Day. Rather than share a collection of lighthouses like we did last year with our Oregon Coast Supper to Remember, I thought it might be fun to pick just one lighthouse. There are so many to pick from, all with interesting stories and rich histories.

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Here’s to All the Grandma Types

In 2001, Alice Solomon, a syndicated newspaper columnist, published her first book. Love, Sex and the Single Gorgeous Grandma: Reflections on Being Single over 50 was an extension of her column A Guide for Gorgeous Grandmas for the Metro West Daily News. Alice Solomon is the founder of Gorgeous Grandma Day.

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Another National Red Wine Day

Today is National Red Wine Day. As it turns out, this isn’t the only National Red Wine Day on the calendar. The other is October 15. Most think of red wine as a cool weather harvest drink, which explains the original celebration in October. However in 2013 wine-lover and freelance writer, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway created Red Wine Day as a late summer celebration. He felt why wait?

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Honey Glazed Ginger Salmon

We all know that eating healthy included eating fish at least once a week. Fish need not be deep fried or beer battered to be delicious. Baked or pan seared are healthy and delicious options.

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Foil Baked Salmon for Garlic Lovers Everywhere

Salmon is an unusual fish in that I like salmon better than Hubby likes salmon. That says a lot when you consider it was Hubby who turned me around where fish was concerned. The last meal I ate in a hospital was salmon and it was good. Salmon is something delicious from the kitchen no matter who is doing the cooking.

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Grilled Lemon with Salmon-Rice Foil Packs

There is a great importance in remembering the past. So often I hear “get over it, leave the past alone, don’t look back” and so forth. That has always bothered me. If we forget the past, we are bound to repeat mistakes. It’s one thing to wallow in the past and feel sorry for ourselves. It’s another to remember. And to honor the importance of that past.

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Bourbon-Glazed Lemon Salmon

I don’t know what it is about this time of the year and a strong yearning to eat salmon.  As soon as the weather turns and the trees bud out, I want salmon. Are they running now?

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Smokey Balsamic Herb Glazed Salmon

One of the great things about living in Farm Country are all the little fairs and festivals celebrating all things of the earth. We adore small country fairs. What I like best are all the cottage industries that get to strut their stuff. We’ve come home with jars of local honey, blends of spices and locally made cheeses. There are the farms dedicated to olives, with all sorts of flavored oils. And balsamic vinegars, made like fine wines. Kiddo and I love to walk among the various booths, sampling their creations, lingering over the flavors and discussing menu ideas. Kiddo truly is my sous chef.

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Spicy Salmon Burgers with Lemon Chive Mayonnaise

Growing up in a Catholic Household, we ate a lot of tuna fish sandwiches and fish sticks. It was always a welcome treat to visit my Aunt, who would change things up a bit with her Salmon Patties. When I began serving Salmon Patties in my kitchen, it was usually with a good Newburg Sauce. Still, the salmon patties were formed from canned salmon.

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Celebrating National Pistachio Day with Pistachio Salmon

So today is National Pistachio Day. According to the National Day Calendar website, one way to observe this day would be with by eating a bunch of Pistachios or trying new recipes such as Lemon-Pistachio Truffles. Oh yeah, I love Truffles. And doesn’t a Lemon-Pistachio Truffle sound lovely?

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Pan-Roasted Monterey Bay King Salmon

A few years back, we took a vacation that was jammed packed with adventure. Lots of hiking, dune buggy riding and an exciting boat trip up the Rough River. We took a seven-hour white-water jet boat excursion. Wow! As our boat headed up the mouth of the Rough out of Gold Beach (104 miles round trip, with over 40 miles total of white water thrills) we waived a friendly “hello” to the fishermen. While it was late in the year for the summer run of salmon, these fishermen were all hopeful. Upon our return, a few lucky anglers were eager to hold up their catch. Some mighty beautiful Salmon were held up with pride to the hoops and hollers from our fellow passengers.

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Mustard-Garlic Broiled Salmon

I remember as a school girl taking a field trip to a fish hatchery along the American River. The experience stuck in my mind. I remember running along the banks of the river with my classmates, laughing and having a great time.

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Irish Roasted Salmon

One fine day a few years back, Saint Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday. While the Church has grated special dispensation for Irish Catholics during Lent so as to indulge in Corned Beef, I had decided to hold true to the abstinence of Church tradition.

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