Tuna Salad Pan Bagnat

Hello and welcome to a beautiful Friday that the Lord has created. Not to get too religious on you, I just feel such joy within me when I think of our Creator. I wish I could somehow bottle it up and hand it out to those in need of a little joy in their lives.

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Keeping It Simple

Did you know that today is National Nature Photography Day? Did you know there’s an actual association dedicated to Nature Photography? It’s the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). Yep, it’s all true.

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Oh Yum – Alfredo Tuna Skillet

Happy Friday Everyone! Yeah, I know we’re over Lent. And while the Church does not strictly adhere to the No Meat on Fridays rule of old, it does subscribe to the practice of penance on Fridays throughout the year.

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Krafty Tuna Mac and Cheese

I can remember taking Home Economics in school. While many today feel that the class was aimed at turning girls into good housewives (and it was); there were skills taught that everyone should have – girls and boys alike. Mending clothes, preparing a meal, balancing a check book and working with a budget. Life lessons.

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Double Crusted Tuna Mushroom Pub Pie

We had a great weekend getting down to our Celtic Roots, and there was no time to cook! This weekend was the annual Celtic Faire in Sonoma, California. That is a big deal with us. The faire in Sonoma is the largest Celtic Gathering west of the Mississippi, and was even featured on the travel channel. While we attend others, this one is that cannot miss it even.

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Buttery Tuna Melts on Sourdough

We have been eating a lot of well-prepared, planned and dutifully executed meals of late. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time in the kitchen. It’s stressful to balance so many component of a beautiful meal flawlessly, but it’s the kind of stress that brings great satisfaction and a smile to my face – not to mention my men folk.  As I’ve said before, we try to keep meat off the tables on Fridays, as was the way of the Church when Hubby and I were growing up.

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