Cheesy Baked Tortellini Casserole

This wonderful recipe was inspired by my  blogger-friend Jan over at Mommermon, who received her inspiration from no.2 pencil. Giving credit where credit is due; I have included links to both sites below.

Jan’s Kitchen

Number-2 Pencil

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Best Ever Not Homemade Cheese Tortellini

A long time ago (way back in May 2014) I discovered what must be the best Pasta Company on the planet, Giovanni Rana. Every pasta I’ve sampled in their line blows my mind. Their phenomenal Maine Lobster Ravioli is what truly got me hooked. Hands down, the best commercially prepared Lobster Ravioli I’ve ever tasted. In my opinion Giovanni Rana and their approach to a wonderful line of products continues to ring true to their commitment to quality. Quality ingredients make all the difference in the world, be it cooking from scratch or using prepackaged foods. Giovanni Rana may cost more than other pastas, but then again you get what you pay for. One thing is certain, you need not sacrifice flavor for a quick, easy meal.

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Linguine with Basil Tomato

This is another of those wonderful One-Pot Wonders. I love them, if for no other reason than because everything cooks up in a single pot. (Making this equally popular with my KP crew – Hubby and Kiddo). Always one to give credit where credit is due, we can thank Donna at Apron Strings for this beautiful one-pot creation. Don’t you simply adore any meal that can be cooked up in just one pot?   Continue reading “Linguine with Basil Tomato”

Capelli d’angelo with Creamy Roasted Pepper Sauce

After a long day away from home, we all yearn for a supper that is easy to prepare, visually stimulating and satisfying to both our taste buds and hungry tummies. What could be easier than to boil a big pot of pasta, then toss all that delicate Angel Hair goodness in a rich, creamy sauce? I love this sauce, be it over pasta (today’s featured entrée) or chicken or better yet gently sautéed shrimp. If you like, this particular pasta dish could be elevated even further simply by adding a handful of sautéed garlic shrimp just before serving. Why only a handful?  The pasta in its rich, creamy pink sauce is the star of the evening.

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Baked Cheese Tortellini Casserole

The first time I read this recipe, I had my doubts. Alfredo sauce and Spaghetti sauce blended together – really? I like them both, although with cheese filled pastas and seafood filled pastas, I’ve always been partial to a light, creamy sauce such as an Alfredo over the robust, tomato-based Spaghetti sauce. It never occurred to me to marry the two together in one dish. Oh my stars, what a great combination!

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