Bayou Country Cajun Crab and Corn Casserole

Bayou is a French-English word for a body of water found in low-lying areas that creeps along its undefined shorelines. It’s a bog, a swamp, a marshy-green thing. The color isn’t necessarily in the water but rather in the reflections. It’s sticky and smelly and bug-infested. It’s also filled with amazing beauty.

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Crab Oreganata in a Scallop Shell

Don’t you just love these shells? I know I do. I like anything that is served in something different – like a shell or a hollowed out coconut bowl or bread or pineapples. We once ate at a restaurant that used pineapples cut lengthwise and hollowed out to serve rice, sweet and sour pork or teriyaki chicken. It was awesome! I want to try a backyard tropical party with pineapples as serving platters and drink cups. I think that would be fun, don’t you?

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Pack a Picnic and Take a Walk in the Park

Today is National Take a Walk in the Park Day. The day was intended to be a way to relax after a long and busy day. Walking in the part is said to be calming and therapeutic, an excellent way to clear one’s mind from the stress of the day. While all of that is great, and we should spend more time visiting our local parks, one of the things I love is to pack a light lunch to take on my stroll. I like to take my camera and a note pad, too. Spending time with nature gets my creative juices flowing. It’s nice to have the notepad for jotting down thoughts or moments that I don’t want to forget. Strolling through the park always brings new discoveries. And the most amazing discovery of all are those we make about ourselves when let our souls be still for a moment.

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Today is National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day – How Delicious!

Today, February 18th is more than just Presidents Day, a day many Americans honor George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with huge mattress sales. It is also National Battery Day, National Drink Wine Day (good advise with politics being what they are these days) and National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day (boy, that’s a tasty mouthful).

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Crab Alfredo

Two of my favorite foods combined into one awesome dish – Linguine in an Alfredo Sauce and sweet, succulence crab meat. What could be better on a Friday evening in September? Served up with a simple tossed salad and a nice bottle of your favorite wine, what more could we ask for? Oh yeah, let’s not forget some warm garlic bread. Now all you need to make this a perfect evening would be a few close friends to share your table.

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