Ember Days Classic Coq au Vin

Today is the third and final Ember Days of Summer. Ember Days can be traced back to the early days of the Church in Rome. The argument often heard by Catholics is that Ember Days are based not on faith and scripture but on paganism. That it isn’t “Christian”.

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Moo to Ember Days of Summer

Today is Ember Days Friday of Summer. It is the first Friday following Pentecost Sunday. Summer Embers Days are meant to remind us to give thanks for God’s blessings of Nature and to appreciate those who toil the land. There is a great place of honor for those who labor in the fields, tend to the flocks and care for the land.

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Ember Wednesday of Summer

Today is the first Wednesday following Pentecost Sunday. On the Catholic Calendars of old, it would have been a day of fasting and prayer as Ember Days of Pentecost, or Ember Days of Summer. Four times a year, particular Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays were once distinct days of devotion in the early Church.

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