Embracing the Goodness of Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. Like Ash Wednesday, it is the only other day in the Church calendar that requires adults, 18 to 59, to fast. As the Church has evolved, so too has the definition of fasting. Today it means eating no more than one full meal and two smaller meals that combined do not equal another meal. It’s not starvation by any stretch of the imagination.

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Good Friday’s Humble Vegetable Soup

Traditionally speaking, Good Friday for Catholics is a day of fasting and prayer. Once upon a time, fasting meant just that – to fast, to go without food or drink. Over time, the rules governing fasting have changed, mainly for heath reasons. Now fasting is defined as one reduced meal, with two smaller meals that together do no make up a meal. This modified form of fasting is a requirement for all Catholics beginning on their 18th birthday, ending on their 59th year.

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