Celebrate National Caramel Apple Day with Cupcakes

Today is more than just National Caramel Apple Day. Today is also National Trick or Treat Day, and not because it’s also Halloween, This year that happens to be a happy coincident. National Trick or Treat Day is officially the last Saturday in October. Which means in the next 10 years, Halloween and Trick or Treat Day are only the same day twice – this year and again in 2026.

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National Caramel Apple Day and Caramel Apple Fondue

It seems only fitting that National Caramel Apple Day and Halloween are one and the same. Just as black cats and witches shine on Halloween, so too do Caramel Apples taste better on this night.

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A Spooky Goblin Supper in Three Courses

We have all seen the “snacks” for Halloween. Most of these are cute and kid-friendly. My Fun Party Foods for Halloween from last year is a prime example. We had fun with Barbecued Bat Wings (crock-pot chicken wings in a barbecue sauce), Deviled Spider Eggs (deviled eggs decorate with black olive spiders), and a Witches Broom Platter (string cheese brooms with pretzel broom handles). Cute, fun and all easy to assemble.

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Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Did you know that today is National Pumpkin Pie Day? You would think that Thanksgiving would be National Pumpkin Pie Day, but it’s today. And no, I’m not sharing a pumpkin pie recipe. The National Day only served to inspire me.

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Big Black Rat Cheese Ball and other Halloween Ideas

What can I say – I was one of those strange kids that liked to play with my food – sculpting, molding, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I remember watching Close Encounters and thinking yeah, give me some mashed potatoes . . .

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Fun Party Foods for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! As I sip my first cup of coffee on this beautiful October morning, I survey what was once my kitchen prep table, now buried beneath a mound of candy. With several days to go for Halloween, I am so grateful to have a dining room to eat in.

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