Chocolate Heaven!

I don’t really remember the first time I ate a soufflé. I do recall the most unusual place – a giant claw-foot bathtub in an old Victorian Hotel. Hubby had ordered soufflés from room service, and I had decided to take a bubble bath. I gotta tell you,  I don’t care what sort of a Chef you think you are, never include a soufflé on your room service menu. Something definitely goes wrong in transit. And by that, I don’t meant it’s fallen.

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Chocolate Soufflé with Crème Anglaise

Crème Anglaise is French for “English Cream”, a light pouring custard served as a dessert cream or dessert sauce. It’s delicate vanilla flavor compliments the deep rich chocolate of the soufflé so well. One of the things I look for when trying a new recipe for soufflés is a sauce. I have never been served a soufflé that did not include a lovely sauce. Some of my favorites are a Vanilla Sauce, a White Chocolate Sauce or a Grand Marnier Chocolate Sauce. Sometimes I’ll make a Chocolate Soufflé and serve it with a scoop of softened Vanilla Bean Ice Cream if I’m not in the mood to make a nice sauce.

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Valentine’s Day Romance Surf and Turf Style

I know, we are barely over all the holiday and New Year’s Eve Celebrations, and already I’m pushing head-long into Valentine’s Day. I guess I’ve got some explaining to do . . .

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Chocolat Soufflé de Mema

Once upon a time, a coworker told me I was setting Kiddo’s future wife up for failure since he would expect her to be able to cook like his grandmother. My feeling is, I’ve taught him – he can teach her (assuming she doesn’t already know how).

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