Welcome to Our December Home

Over the years, we’ve concentrated our Holiday Decorating to the inside of our home rather than the outside. At first I didn’t understand why that was and then I realized, Christmas is my holiday.

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Hello Sweet November

Welcome to my November Home. Many of the Thanksgiving decorations throughout our home are old. These are things we’ve collected over the years that speak to us and say “Welcome, please come in.”

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Won’t You Have a Seat?

Unlike July’s table that just seemed to scream right through the photo “Wow – look at me!!!”, the tablescape for August is more subdued. It’s one of those tables you need to take a seat at to appreciate all the little things.

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Happy Day After Valentine’s Day

Normally, I don’t do follow ups to a prior post unless I’m making changes to an already existing recipe. Those of you who have been following along know that this year for Valentine’s Day I decided to build an entire Surf and Turf menu around Pink Margaritas. I’m here to tell you, the night could not have gone better. One of the biggest reasons for success was that I had spent the entire afternoon doing as much prep work as possible. I even had the dessert organized and ready. That’s a good thing, because those cute little Pink Margaritas at the start of the evening were killer. I don’t think I could have managed wheedling a knife after drinking margaritas – at least not safely.

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