Those Wild and Crazy Bears – The Golden Days in Yellowstone

We recently spent a week roaming through Yellowstone Park, the first National Park in America. It was great to spend all that time in the park. You can bet we took lots of pictures that I’ll be sharing with you soon.

While I was organizing my snap shots, I searched the internet for some background history. Just as I like to know something of the origins of a recipe, I like to know the history and events surrounding places that we visit. It was during this research that I discovered pictures put out by the Park Services showing the early relationship between tourists and the bears in the park. I can see why the bears became a problem. The park services first promoted the “come feed a bear” attitude to draw people to the park. After a while two things happened. First, the bears were no longer able to forge for food on their own, becoming dependent upon the hands-outs of visitors. Realizing the mistake, the park began to discourage tourists from feeding the roadside beggars. This created a second problem. The bears, accustom to handouts, became angry and at times aggressive in insisting that someone feed them.  Sadly, bears that became aggressive were eventually destroyed. All because we treated them as our own personal pets rather than to respect them as wild creatures.

Crazy People with Bears (1)
Some of the hotels in the park actually put out food to draw the bears near so that their guests could see them.
Crazy People with Bears (2)
Very early on in the tourism business, paying customers were offered a chance to hand-feed the bears.
Crazy People with Bears (3)
Within the picnic areas, bears had their own picnic area.
Crazy People with Bears (5)
Here a park ranger demonstrates just how safe it is to be around the bears.
Crazy People with Bears (6)
It didn’t take long before the bears associated automobiles with people and people with food.
Crazy People with Bears (7)
Here a young cup is seen feeding from the hand of a park visitor. Wonder where Mamma bear might be . . .
Crazy People with Bears (13)
“Sit up. That’s a good bear. Now speak” . . .
Crazy People with Bears (4)
Bears are smart – this fellow knows exactly where the snacks are kept.
Crazy People with Bears (12)
“Hey there, I’m sitting up pretty. Now where’s the food?”
Crazy People with Bears (10)
For this group of bears,  getting food from passing motorists was a family affair.
Crazy People with Bears (8)
Over time, bears had no sense of fear of cars or people. And people had no sense of fear of bears.
Crazy People with Bears (11)
Wonder who’s going to ask for his licence . . .

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