When a Simple Grilled Cheese Will Not Do

Hands down, today is one of my favorite Food Days. It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day – hooray! While we have no firm evidence of how cheese making was first discovered, legend tells us that it was likely by chance. The first Cheesemaker did not set out to make cheese, but rather discovered it naturally.

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Sweetly Salty Snack

Let me start by saying Happy Birthday Dad! I find it funny that my Dad shares his birthday with National Popcorn Day. My Dad loves his popcorn. Every year for Christmas I get him a big tin of popcorn – it’s my traditional gift to him. Even this year, with our White Elephant Gift Exchange, I still gave Pops his favorite snack.

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Michigan’s Walk to Freedom

Hello Monday! It’s the 3rd Monday in January, and here in America we honor a great man, Martin Luther King Jr. It’s also the 18th of January – National Michigan Day. There had to be a way to bring these two National Days together. And lucky for me, there is.

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Bootleggers, Speakeasies and Butterscotch Hot Buttered Rum

It’s only fitting that today is National Bootlegger Day and Hot Buttered Rum Day. After all, it’s the birthday of Templeton Rye Whiskey and Al Capone. Probation gave rise to the Mafia, Rum-Runners and Moonshiners.

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Golden Oniony Mushroom Beef Stroganoff

If this recipe seems oddly familiar to you, you aren’t wrong. With the exception of two tiny, seemingly inconsequential changes, it’s my recipe for French Onion Beef Stroganoff.

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Winter Vegetable Beef Stew

While most people complain about winter, personally I love it. I love the colors of fall, and the hearty dishes of winter. Wrapping my hands around a big, hot bowl of vegetable stew gives a certain comfort.

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Yummy Hot Pastrami

When Americans think of Jewish Foods, most think a mile-high pastrami sandwich on rye or bagels and cream cheese with lox. Many insist that these dishes are uniquely Jewish American Creations. And that might be true as we know them today, but Pastrami itself isn’t American.

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A Kiss of Summer to Chase Away the Winter Blues

Have you ever had one of those “Gee, I coulda had a V-8” the lightbulb coming on moments? When it comes to National Peach Melba Day and January, it was an epiphany moment.

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Beefy Enchilada Cups

Today is National Curry Chicken Day and (oh yeah!) National Glazed Donut Day. So what do Beefy Enchilada Cups have to do with either of these National Days? Absolutely nothing. Not even in my wandering mind.

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Make Mine a Possum Pie

January 11th is National Arkansas Day. Last year, we had a big skillet of Pan-Fried Potatoes that were in keeping with the South. If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that most of the time when celebrating a state, I’ve tried to give you more than just a single dish.

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Slow Roasted Sunday Supper

After the crazy year we’ve all had, I’m not sure we need a day set aside to gather for Sunday Supper as a family unless we are talking family beyond the immediate. For so many of us, sitting down together with those we live with, coming together as a family at mealtime has returned as the norm. So much of life outside our doors that once got in the way of Sunday Supper has been canceled, postponed or modified.

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Sweetly Spicy Apricot Chicken

The Holidays are definitely behind us as I turn more and more to the National Calendar for inspiration. Thanksgiving, cook a turkey. Christmas and Easter, it’s a ham. Even holidays like Labor Day (Picnic fair) and Memorial Day (Barbecue) have their traditions.

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Italian Baked Cod Fillets

Today is National English Toffee Day. The challenge of the day is to whip up a batch of buttery confection topped with almonds. Think Heath Bar, but without the chocolate. In the US English Toffee is made by caramelizing white sugar with butter. A true English Toffee is made with brown sugar, no nuts, and a layer of chocolate.

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A Cheater’s Guide to Tempura Shrimp

When you think Tempura, chances are you think Japanese. Tempura is a batter used to coat seafoods, usually shrimp, or vegetables that are then deep fried. What is interesting about Tempura is that its origins are not Japanese.

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