Welcome to a Georgia Inspired Backyard Picnic

Today is Mustard Day, Watermelon Day, Grab Some Nuts Day and Georgia Day. Yeah, we got all those rolled into one awesome backyard picnic menu. Okay, so the mustard is just a teaspoon in the potato salad, but it’s there.

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Oh Wow – What a Simple Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. I was going to skip it completely and go with something else – anything else. Have you ever tried to make an Ice Cream Sandwich using cookies and ice cream? Very messy.

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Chow, Pong, Kong – Mahjong!

Today is International Mahjong Day. Growing up in a Filipino-American household, the clanking of tiles and cries “Oh aking kabutihan” filled the room. Back then, everyone smoked and our enclosed patio looked like a smoky gambling hall.

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Avocados and Tacos Just Go Together

Wow – can you believe it? It’s the last day of July. Oh my, summer is nearly over. Typically by now we’ve had our annual vacation. This year, we’ve postponed travel to the final days of summer. More on that later – road trip through five states and some much needed time spent with extended family.

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Oh Yum – Creamy Perfection

Recently one of those silly surveys popped up on my Facebook Page – if you could only have 1 slice of pie, which would you choose? There were nine different pies to pick from. Cheesecake wasn’t one of them, but Key Lime Pie was.

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Oh Look at Those Layers!

July 29 is a very busy National Day – everything from Chicken Wings to Lipstick Day. Add to that the last Thursday in July and you can include both Chili Dog Day and Intern Day. Lipstick Day is all about putting your best painted lips forward. All you lipstick fans can prance about wearing your favorite shade. While you might look fantastic in the kitchen, can’t think of a single recipe that involves lipstick, can you?

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To Family Time Gathered Round the Table

Welcome to my Wild Card Wednesday. This is that day of the week when anything and everything goes – where the wind blows if you will. Every day of the week has its own signature – and Wednesdays are Wild.

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Hey New Jersey – Did You Know?

Did you know that both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, while thought of as New York Icons, are actually physically located in New Jersey? Just as both the New York Giants and the New York Jets are actually New Jersey teams despite their names.

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Saint Anne, Our Heavenly Grandmother

So often in our Christian Faith, we forget about the human side of Christ’s divine life. He was born to Mary, just as Mary was born to Saint Anne. Saint Anne was the Lord’s maternal Grandmother, and is considered our Heavenly Grandmother, too.

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Another Delicious National Day

Today was tough to pick just one National Day to focus in on. Four of the National Days inspire amazing talking points, none “food” based. On the other hand, two are great food focal points, just not together. Let me explain . . .

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Cowboys and Tequila

Wow – today is one very busy National Stuff Day. We’ve got Drive-Thru Day, Cousins Day, Amelia Earhart Day, Cowboy Day, Thermal Engineer Day and my personal favorite – Tequila Day. Now up until a couple of weeks ago, we could have easily combined Drive-Thru and Tequila Day. During the stay-at-home orders you could get food to go from your favorite Mexican Restaurant that included bar service. Yeah, crazy.

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Here’s to All the Grandma Types

In 2001, Alice Solomon, a syndicated newspaper columnist, published her first book. Love, Sex and the Single Gorgeous Grandma: Reflections on Being Single over 50 was an extension of her column A Guide for Gorgeous Grandmas for the Metro West Daily News. Alice Solomon is the founder of Gorgeous Grandma Day.

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Mary Magdalene and Simple Goodness

July 22 marks the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene. She is no longer saddled with the mistaken identity of Prostitute. Hers is a story of torment, forgiveness and is key in understanding Christ.

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Not So Junky Junk Food Day

Today is National Junk Food Day. It’s that one day a year when we are free to celebrate all that is bad for us, guilt free. That is not to say consequence free, just no guilt attached. Everything in life has consequences.

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Savor The Flavors of Pennsylvania

Did you know that the oldest residential street still in existence in America is Elfreth’s Alley? The entire reason that this street exists was for cart access for artisans toting their wares from their workshops to the trade based in Philadelphia’s Delaware River Ports. The buildings along the alleyway were erected in 1703; offering craftsmen of the time a place to set up shop on the lower levels, with living quarters above.

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