Soup It Forward One More Time

In 2009 Calgarian Sharon Hapton, with a simple belief in the power of soup, founded Soup Sisters, a non-profit charitable social enterprise that provides comfort to women and children through soup. Since its inception, over 2 million servings of soup have been delivered to shelters all across the country.

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Oh Yum Banana Cream Pie!

Growing up, banana cream pudding was such a welcome treat. Couple Pudding with Nilla Vanilla Wafers, and we are talking heaven! Who doesn’t remember that Jell-O favorite with the toasted marshmallows on top?

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Minnesota Day and Wild Rice Chicken Soup

Welcome to National Minnesota Day! Remember yesterday, when we had that awesome roast chicken supper? In our house, unless we’re having people over, a roast chicken is the key to more than one good meal.

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Second Sunday of Lent and Roast Chicken Supper

If this yummy Roast Chicken Supper seems familiar, you aren’t wrong. I shared it way, way back in October 2018. It was part of a nostalgic stroll through childhood memories and Sunday Suppers.

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Ember Saturday and Scallop Chowder

Before Hubby came into my life, I had never eaten a Scallop – at least not knowingly. I ate Catfish because Dad and I went fishing together and it thrilled me to eat something I had caught. I ate Lobster and Crab because – well, who doesn’t? And shrimp. Love shrimp.

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Ember Friday and the 2nd Friday of Lent

Today is the second Friday of Lent and the first Friday following the first Sunday of Lent. That would mean it’s an Ember Days Friday, too. So confusing. Bottom line is it’s a day of Abstinence within the Universal Catholic Church. It means no meat today. It is also a celebration of Spring with Ember Days of Lent.

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Yum – It’s National Chocolate Covered Nut Day!

On the National Foodie Calendar, today is National Clam Chowder Day. As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Clam Chowder. However, since this week we will also be talking Ember Days, and I’ve got something special planned for Saturday in the Chowder Family, I thought this year we’d skip Clam Chowder Day.

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Ember Wednesday and National Tortilla Chip Day

The fact that today is National Tortilla Chip Day should be self explanatory. It’s a day set aside to celebrate the crunchy snack loved by millions. Tortilla chips with a big bowl of salsa or guacamole are the most common ways to celebrate the day. Using Tortillas Chips as a base for Nachos is another. And then there are those creative dishes that use Tortilla Chips as a breading to add a salty crunch to various foods.

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Baking Banana Bread

Just like last year, the minute National Banana Bread Day came around, it carried me back to my Home Economics class more years ago than I care to admit. Home Economics Class was an elective class designed for young girls but open to all students. It’s something they need to reintroduce before those skills are lost forever. Lord knows our young people need to develop real life skills.

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Welcome to California

The almond trees are in full bloom, and their sweet aroma fills the air here in my corner of California. We should be making plans to attend the Almond Blossom Festival just up the road. It’s really more a carnival than festival, with a midway of games and rickety rides.

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Roast Chicken for the First Sunday of Lent

Sundays should always be special, regardless of the seasons of the Church. Growing up, Sundays were a time for family – both immediate and extended. Family was everything. If there is one thing the Pandemic has taught us, it’s the value of family.

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Chili Can’t Get Easier

Sometimes when you don’t feel much like cooking you’ll grab what appears to be the easiest recipe in your collection. Yet you can still get a nice surprise. Yes, this recipe is super easy. But it was also delicious.

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Welcome to the First Friday of Lent

The countdown has begun. Today is the First Friday of Lent. Catholics across the globe have begun the discipline of Lenten Fridays, fasting, penance and personal sacrifice.

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A Modest Take on the Feast of Saint Bernadette

As a girl growing up, my Catholic faith was a deep and defining part of my life. Although I attended public school, most of my classmates also attended the Saturday Catechism classes as I did. We made our First Communion together. Looking at our group photo outside Saint Paul’s Church and our class picture that same year, nearly all of the faces were the same.

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Ash Wednesday and Acts of Kindness

Within the Christian world, today is Ash Wednesday and marks the start of the Lenten Season. While the calendar counts 46 days until Easter, the Lenten Season is actually 40 Days. Sundays are “exempt”, considered outside the penance of Lent. Why? As a Catholic, we celebrate the Mass. The act of celebration is separate from the act of penance.

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