Care to Guess What Day It Is?

Welcome to National Boston Cream Pie Day. The very first time I made a Boston Cream Pie for my family was as a part of our President’s Day Feast. Think about it, when celebrating the birth and rebirth of America, what dessert could possibly capture the sentiment than a Boston Cream Pie.

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

Many, many years ago we were part of a small group of friends that had monthly gatherings. There were four couples. One Sunday a month, we had dinner at someone’s house. One of the wives was very much into preparing dishes that were way, way outside the box. Things like pork kabobs with peanut butter. Not a peanut sauce, but actually brushed with creamy peanut butter. Not my thing.

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Yummy Pumpkin Cheesecake Squares

Today, on the Foodie Calendar anyway, we are encouraged to usher in all the flavors of fall with Cheesecake. But not just any Cheesecake will do for Autumn – only a Pumpkin Cheesecake will truly capture the flavors of the season.

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The Perfect Midnight Meal

Today is National Chicken and Waffles Day. When it comes to Chicken and Waffles, most of those “in the know” have heard that we can thank Harlem’s bleary-eyed jazz musicians for this combination. As the story goes, these entertainers often frequented the after-hours clubs of Harlem. It was too late for dinner, but there was left-over fried chicken available. It was also too early for breakfast, yet the cooks had already begun to whip up waffle batter. The two just naturally found their way together.

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Celebrating Kentucky Day

When you hear Kentucky, what comes to mind? For most of us we think Blue Grass, horses and fried chicken. Thanks to Harland Sanders, Kentucky is forever linked with Pressure Cooker Fried Chicken.

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Yum – It’s Chocolate Cupcake Day

What are cupcakes but small cakes designed to serve as personal cakes. So why the name cupcake? Because once upon a time, these tiny cakes weren’t baked in paper-lined muffin tins but small cups. Cupcakes have been around since 1796 and Amelia Simmons.

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It’s National Pasta Day – Hooray!

October is National Pasta Month, and today is National Pasta Day. Did you know there are over 150 different kinds of Common Pastas to choose from? According to the Encyclopedia of Pasta (yeah, a real thing) there are 310 specific kinds of pasta, with 1,300 different names. While noodles were invented in China, pasta is usually associated with Italian Cooking. Yet pasta can be found in dishes worldwide.

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Amazing Amaretto

Welcome to National Liqueur Day. In parts of the United States, liqueurs may also be called cordials. Historically, liqueurs descend from herbal medicines prepared by monks in Italy as early as the 13th century. They steeped these often bitter herbs and sweetened them with sugar to make them more palatable to the monks’ ailing patients. The curative’s potency received a restful boost from its alcohol content as well.

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Seared Steak with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

While most “National” sites agree that August 28 is Red Wine Day, one lone site has declared today to be both National Mushroom Day and National Red Wine Day. As far as I am concerned, that’s a great combination. Who doesn’t like wine and mushrooms?

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Oh My – It’s National Dessert Day!

Today is National Dessert Day. Not cake, or pie or chocolate mouse, but dessert. This means anything goes. Whatever your favorite might be, today you can indulge your sweet tooth without guilt. Enjoy!

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The Spinning Sun of Fatima

Of all the visions and miracles attributed to Our Lady, Fatima is by far my favorite. Don’t ask me why, it just is. For those unfamiliar, the visions of Our Lady of Fatima began on May 13, 1917 in the city of Fatima, Portugal. Our Lady appeared to three children over the course of six consecutive months, on the 13th day of each month.

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Celebrate Vermont with a Slice of Pie

Today we celebrate Vermont Day. We all know that Vermont is the undisputed capital of Maple Syrup, but did you know that Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery as part of the state’s constitution in 1777? That same constitution mandated public funding for high education. Very progressive.

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Another Delicious National Day

A few days back we had National Pizza and Beer Day, which I chose to ignore since I’m not a huge fan of pizza and have never developed a taste for beer. While I know this is a sexist opinion, to me pizza and a beer is a guy thing.

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It’s An Angel of a Day

Welcome to the second Sunday in October. Wow – second Sunday – time is just flying by. Today is National Clergy Appreciation Day. We are reminded to recognize all the good works of our ministers, pastors and priests.

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Have a Cupcake and Can We Talk?

Originally I had a totally different recipe set to share today. It was a cast iron bean dish that’s been shared before as part of a supporting dish for a whole western thing. I thought it would be nice to bring the dish center stage.

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