Embracing the Day

With the exception of last year, Earth Day has been our signal to get outside and plant our garden. I’m not sure if it was the unusual warm weather or a deep desire to do something normal like gardening in the midst of insanity, but in 2020 we planted our garden a full month ahead of schedule.

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Creamy Wisconsin Bratwurst Stew

Before we get too far into Springtime and all those warm days that turn us away from things like Stews, I wanted to share this dish from Wisconsin. Kiddo and I loved it. Hubby not so much.

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Cheddar Fries for Every Occasion

It was hard to pick just one National Day today. Three of the four were food related. The first was easy to skip – Lima Bean Respect Day. When I was younger, I loved Lima Beans. Today not so much. And my guys would head for the hills if I put Lima Beans on the table. Great in vegetable soup, no so much as a veggie side dish.

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Heading North to Dakota

Today is National North Dakota Day. North Dakota was the 39th state to join the Union, gaining statehood on November 2, 1889. That same day South Dakota was admitted. November 1889 was a busy month for America’s expansion. Six days after the Dakota territories achieved statehood, Montana became a state. Three days later, way up in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State was admitted.

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Killer Scrambled Eggs Skillet

Killer these days is often a substitute for awesome. Killer home-grown tomatoes. Awesome home-grown tomatoes. That’s a good thing. But then again, sometimes Killer means just that – a killer.

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Ellis Island Family History Day

Today is National Ellis Island Family History Day. Families are encouraged to trace their ancestry and get acquainted with relatives who may have immigrated by way of Ellis Island. From 1892 to 1924, Ellis Island served as an inspection station for millions seeking to migrate to America. It was the first Federal Inspection Station to uniform entry requirement. Before Ellis Island, states had their own rules and facilities to handle newcomers to America.

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Saint Bernadette and a Lovely Brunch

On this day in 1879, a 35-year old woman named Bernadette dies in a nunnery in Nevers of tuberculosis. Her fame began at age 14 in Lourdes, with her claim of visitations by a young woman, believed to be the Virgin Mary, now known as Our Lady of Lourdes.

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A Dark and Tragic Night in April

When we think of the Titanic, we think First Class and Third Class. The rich and the poor, with sharp contrasts. We view them through a romantic lens. Jack and Rose. The invisible passengers were those of Second Class. The forgotten class.

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What a Day for Dutch Baby – Oh Yeah!

Sometimes a recipe shared is just that, a recipe shared. While this awesome Dutch Baby isn’t directly tied to the National Days we celebrate today, it does compliment the day. Today is National Gardening Day. Just look at all the luscious berries – if that doesn’t scram bountiful gardening, I don’t know what does.

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A Delicious Way to Acknowledge the Day

By Presidential Proclamation, on March 21, 1938 Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed April 13th as a day for our nation to celebrate the birth of Thomas Jefferson. George W. Bush reaffirmed the proclamation with one of his own on April 11, 2007.

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Nil Sine Numine

Colorado’s state motto is Latin. What does it mean? It depends upon who you ask. Most say Nothing Without Providence, while others claim Nothing Without God. There is evidence that those who chose the motto meant Nothing Without the Deity, a general translation without a reference to a particular god. Now that could be a reference to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods with its beauty beyond compare.

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Chorizo Benedict Breakfast with Pan-Fried Potatoes

Way back when the pandemic first hit and the world had to hunker down, I thought that would mean every day could be treated like a Sunday. Quality family time. While we couldn’t attend church, we could read scripture together and sit down to a beautiful breakfast.

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Deviled Eggs Four Ways

So, did you dye a few dozen eggs to hide in the yard for the children to seek out? As a girl, I remember two things so vividly. The first was all the fun we had coloring eggs. The second was the smell of those undiscovered eggs when summer finally arrived. Thank goodness for plastic eggs!

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Oh Yum – Alfredo Tuna Skillet

Happy Friday Everyone! Yeah, I know we’re over Lent. And while the Church does not strictly adhere to the No Meat on Fridays rule of old, it does subscribe to the practice of penance on Fridays throughout the year.

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Embrace the Day with Home-made Hot Pockets

Last year, Empanada Day fell on Holy Wednesday of Holy Week. This year, it’s the Thursday after Easter. On the Church calendar, we are now officially into the Easter Season, also known as Eastertide. In the Church, the Easer Season are the 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. Easter Season is celebrated as a single, joyful feast called the Great Lord’s Day.

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