Celebrating German-American Day

Today is National Mad Hatter Day. Doesn’t that sound like a fun day? Get a little crazy, wear mad hats and have a tea party. So why aren’t we doing just that? Because today also happens to be German-American Day. I adore Weiner Schnitzel. However; this year National Weiner Schnitzel Day happened to fall on a Friday. We all know what that means in my old school Catholic house.

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Rhode Island and Italian Chicken Goodness

Welcome to Rhode Island Day. Today we celebrate the last of the original colonies to become a state. Rhode Island was established by Roger Williams, a man persecuted for his beliefs in Massachusetts. Williams sought religious and political freedom when he established his colony in 1636 in what would become Providence, Rhode Island.

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Saint Francis and Soft-Fried Tacos

I don’t know if I should say Poor Sant Francis, his feast day is shared with National Taco Day or to say how wonderful – a saintly day and a delicious supper, too. Any way you look at it, we’re the winners here.

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Hooray for National Soft Taco Day!

Tomorrow is National Taco Day. Nearly every site that keeps track of such things agree – October 4 is Taco Day. However; there is one lone voice on the National Day stage that not only proclaims October 3 to be National Taco Day, but National Soft Taco Day. That’s specific.

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Guardian Angels, Seared Scallops and Sunday Supper

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Most people do. And this believe isn’t limited to people of faith or a particular religion. Nearly half of those who have never attended religious services or belong to a religious organization think angels exist.

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Gotta Love Breakfast!

Hello Saturday! And welcome to October – the bewitching month. Did you know that today is National Pumpkin Spice Day? Yep. But you won’t be getting any pumpkin spice recipes from me today.

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A Fabulous Farewell to September

Oh say it isn’t so! September has slipped into the pages of history far too fast. Although we do love October in our house. That crisp chill in the air. Apple picking season. And Halloween. But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

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God’s Heavenly Messengers and Protectors from Above

Sometimes, when we feel strongly about something, we think everyone else surely must think as we do. How could they not? This is especially true when it comes to religious or political outlooks. Sometimes our strong feelings result in expressions of anger and contempt of those who do not see what we see.

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Celebrate North Carolina with a Barbecue

Welcome to North Carolina Day. Flight began in North Carolina and Pepsi was invented here. Dinosaurs once roamed the area. And pirates once made sailing the Carolina coast almost as dangerous as sailing the outer banks.

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Chuck Roast Flautas with a Little Sizzle

Let me start off by saying woops, I blew it with this one. Two things happened. First, I didn’t start cooking when I should have. That’s okay – Instant Pot to the rescue!

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Wake up with Pancakes!

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I tend to plan out our family meals way, way in advance. As in months in advance. That said, our meal plan isn’t finalized until a day or two before shopping for the week.

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Wow – It’s National Lobster Day

Today is National Lobster Day. It’s that one day a year that we pay homage to the food of the gods. Lobster, that sweet crustaceans  from the sea that is only for those chosen few.

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A Marsala Supper for the Last Ember Days of Autumn

Good Day. Welcome to the final Ember Days of the Catholic Calendar year. Even so, we have 13 celebrated Feast Days remaining before Christ the King Sunday, the final Sunday before Advent and the new year.

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Ember Days of Autumn and Sea Scallops

Welcome to the second Ember Days of Autumn. This day is a celebration of the changing season, to give thanks for the grapes that will become wine while standing as a reminder of the sacrifice made for all on Good Friday.

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Welcome to Autumn

It’s official – today is the first day of fall. Of all the seasons, I think I love Autumn best. Spring is wonderful with all it’s colors. Summer is too hot, winter too cold. Autumn is just right. Colorful, warm during the day, crisp at night. It just makes me feel all cozy inside.

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