Rosa Parks and Apple Pies

In Montgomery Alabama 67 years ago the average high temperature was about 58 degrees. Not exactly balmy weather, but not frigidly cold either. The overnight lows dropped to about 40 degrees that year. Interestingly enough, on the 3rd of December 1955 Montgomery reached a daytime high of a whopping 78 degrees.

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Hooray – It’s Mississippi Day

I’m not sure which is more time consuming – writing the intro piece leading to the recipes, or selecting the recipes themselves. One thing I do know, going through the thousands and thousands of amazing dishes out there is so much fun!

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Our Lady of Beauraing and Giving

Our Lady of Beauraing, or the Virgin of the Golden Heart, tells us of an event that took place in Beauraing, Belgium in the winter of 1932 involving five children. The children range in ages of between 9 and 15 at the time.

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Cyber Monday Breakfast

Welcome to Cyber Monday. This is one of those shopping traditions I could do without. Too impersonal. I am not with the crazies on Black Friday, nor do I have any interest in shopping on line today. I say whatever rings your bell, that’s fine.

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Light the Candle of Hope

In the Catholic Church, reading of scripture for Sunday Mass are divided into three cycles (Cycle A the Gospel of Matthew, B the Gospel of Mark, and C the Gospel of Luke with John scattered throughout). Weekday readings are in two cycles, Cycle I for odd years, the Cycle II for even years. In that way, the entire Bible is read every three years and then repeated.

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Sunny Side Up Breakfast Please

Did you survive Thanksgiving? Me, too. And now it’s time to turn our undivided attention to the season that lay ahead – Christmas! In our house, it all begins today.

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It’s Better to Eat with a Friend

Let’s face it, life is better with a friend. We don’t need a following, just that one special someone who gets us will do. If you have someone like that in your life, you truly are blessed.

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When Sliced Bread was King

First, let’s start with Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I suppose we should have shared a recipe fitting for Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, but that seemed a bit late to me. Which is why today’s share is all about childhood memories instead.

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Thanksgiving is Coming!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you are hosting. If you don’t have your menu planned and your recipes selected, no need to panic. Hopefully, you’re turkey is thawed. Deep breath – we’ve got this.

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Celebrate the Presentation of Mary with a Feast

Much like the Old Testament story of Hannah and her son Samuel, tradition holds that Mary, as a little girl of three years old, was given to God to be educated and raised in the temple as a result of a promise made between God and Saint Anne while she suffered from a long period of infertility. Mary came to her at a time that was beyond child bearing years.

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It’s A Saturday Nigh Rant

It seems lately I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. And that makes me sad in some ways. I long for a time that has passed, and will not come again. A simple time. A rich time.

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Oh My – That’s Hot!

A little while back, my sister and her husband came down from Oregon for a visit. I love spending time with family, and I especially love when this particular sister comes to town. Like me, she is a fan of all things Mexican.

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Apple Mash Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Tomorrow is Apple Cider Day. It also happens to be a Friday. Since I’ll be sharing an amazing Fabulous Fish recipe for a Catholic Friday tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to share something with Apple Cider today.

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