Summers are Easy as Pie

Today is the Ninth Friday of Ordinary Times. It is the Optional Memorial Feast Day of Saint Ephrem, Deacon and Doctor of the early Church. Saint Ephrem is the Patron Saint of spiritual directors.

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Honoring Corpus Christi Thursday

The Eucharist is the sum and summary of our faith. It is the Body and Blood of Christ. For Catholics, Anglican and Western Orthodox faiths this is not a symbolic gesture, but is as real as Christ himself. It is a miracle that is repeated at the alter during Mass throughout the world.

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Oklahoma, Burgers and Chocolate Ice Cream

My Pops is an Okie, born in Oklahoma during the Depression. While he considers himself to be a Native of Oklahoma, growing up he traveled throughout much of the Plains States, especially Texas. His father was a jack of all trades, including a traveling preacher.

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D-Day and World Peace

Today is a lot of different things – Applesauce Cake Day and Taco Tuesday are the first that spring to mind on the Foodie Front. More on those later. Today is also the 6th day of June – D-Day. Whatever else today might mean, D-Day cannot pass without a mention, and a moment of silence.

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It’s National Ketchup Day!

Depending upon who you listen to, today could be National Veggie Burger Day (no, thank you) or International Ketchup Day. While not my favorite condiment, I can work with that.

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Praising Trinity Sunday

Happy Trinity Sunday! The Holy Trinity is central to our Catholic Faith. Pope John XXII established this feast day for the whole of the Church in the early 1300s. It has remained a Solemnity Feast ever since. Yet few understand its significance.

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Saturday’s Ember Days of Summer

Hello and welcome to the final Ember Days of Pentecost or Summer for this Church Year. We’ve talked a lot about days of old, the how’s and the why’s of Catholic teachings, observations, beliefs and faith. Sometimes people get those confused – that belief and faith are the same. Belief is knowing something. Faith is following without knowing – faith requires trust.

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Friday’s Ember Days of Summer

Today is the second Ember Days of Pentecost or Summer, but the first Ember Days of Summer to receive an optional observation. Confusing, isn’t it? When a lesser feast day (such as Ember Days, which are all optional days) falls on a feast of greater importance, the greater day is observed. This year, Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth, took precedence over the first Ember Days.

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Say Something Nice and Have a Slice of Cake

Here we are, on the first day in June. That’s half-way through the year. June 1st is one very busy day in one exciting month. It’s the month of summer fun for folks in the Northern Hemisphere. Did you know that no other month in the year begins on the same day of the week as June? I kid you not!

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A Visit Between Women of Faith

Today is National Utah Day. It is also the First Ember Days of Summer or Pentecost since it is the first Wednesday following Pentecost Sunday. We aren’t going to talk about either of those days. For today is the Feast of the Visitation of Mary.

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A Brave Young Saint Was She

Last year, for the sake of convenience, we talked about the Feast Day of Joan of Arc the day before her actual feast day. Why? Well, it’s Coq au Vin Day naturally. This year, since we shared the Feast of Mary, Mother of the Church on Coq au Vin Day (as well as a Coq au Vin recipe), today it’s all about Saint Joan.

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Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope

In the life of the Church, the Feast Day of Mary, Mother of the Church is very new. It is a Memorial Feast, set for the Monday following Pentecost. This feast day was added for the first time to the Church calendar in 2018.

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Oh What a Beautiful Sunday

Today is Pentecost Sunday. It is also called Whit Sunday, Whitsunday or Whitsun. Pentecost Sunday is a movable celebration in that it falls 50 days after Easter. Since Easter is moveable based in part on Passover as well as the cycle of the moon, all Christian Holy Days linked to Easter are also moveable, such as Ash Wednesday or Good Friday.

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