Celebrating Nebraska from the Grill

Welcome to Nebraska, the 37th state to join the Union. Nebraska is unique in that it is the only state which does not officially recognizes party affiliation within its Legislative body. There are 49 members of the Nebraska Legislation, making it the smallest legislative body of any state. Yet when you look at population, Nebraska ranks 25th in the country.

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An Easter to Break Tradition

Last year, Easter was so difficult on so many levels. The world was a scary place. People were dying and the only answer seemed to be to isolate from one another. We’ll never know how many more might have died had the world not shut down.

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Keeping Our Easter Vigil Simple

Many of the traditions we associate with Easter are not actually found in the Bible. An egg-laying rabbit is a great example of traditions not based in scripture. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and new life. Rabbits are prolific procreators, another ancient symbol of fertility and new life. And Easter is the promise of life after death.

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The Perfect Easter Supper for Four

Earlier this week, while sitting in the observation area after receiving my second dose of the Moderna Vaccine, I was thumbing through April’s Food Network Magazine. That’s when I came across a recipe I knew I had to share.

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Embracing the Goodness of Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. Like Ash Wednesday, it is the only other day in the Church calendar that requires adults, 18 to 59, to fast. As the Church has evolved, so too has the definition of fasting. Today it means eating no more than one full meal and two smaller meals that combined do not equal another meal. It’s not starvation by any stretch of the imagination.

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Honoring Holy Thursday

Today is April Fool’s Day. Under any other circumstance, we’d be having all sorts of fun today with crazy posting and the like. But not this year. This year April Fool’s Day happens to fall during Holy Week. That take precedence in my book.

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Holy Wednesday and a Simple Soup

The Events of Holy Wednesday
While the Gospel of Luke tells us that, “every day he was teaching in the temple,” Holy Wednesday is referred to as a day of rest for Jesus. While in Bethany, a woman anointed Jesus’ feet with perfume. This angered Judas. He felt the perfume should have been sold, and the money put to good use.

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Holy Tuesday and a Walk in the Park

The Events of Holy Tuesday
The next day, Peter noticed the fully withered fig tree Jesus had cursed, to which Jesus admonished a lesson in what it means to have faith and recognize the power of forgiveness.

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Holy Monday of Holy Week

The Events of Holy Monday
On the way back into the city from Bethany, where Jesus and the twelve spent the night, Jesus became hungry. Seeing a fig tree with no fruit on it, though it was full of leaves and thus should have been full of fruit, Jesus spoke a curse on the tree. Jesus went to the temple on Monday and confronted those making a profit off of the people coming to worship there.

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The Passion of Palm Sunday

Beginning in the forth century in Jerusalem, Palm Sunday has been marked by a procession of the faithful carrying palm branches. They trace the steps of the Jews who celebrated Christ’s entrance into the city. The procession began on the Mount of Ascension and proceeded to the Church of the Holy Cross.

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World Whiskey Day and Easter Glazed Ham

Here we are, with only a few days remaining in March and Easter just around the corner. I don’t know about your part of the world, but officially speaking things in California haven’t improved much.

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National Spinach Day and the 6th Friday of Lent

Today marks the sixth and final “ordinary” Friday of Lent. Sunday will mark the observation of Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week, with Good Friday and the Easter Vigil.

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The Annunciation and Waffles

Not that we’re all in a rush, but today is exactly nine months from Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior. Today is the day Gabriel appeared to a young Mary and proclaimed  “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.” This is the Feast of the Annunciation.

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Tea for Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Today is the original feast day of Saint Gabriel the Archangel. Unlike most saints that were mortal beings who managed to win favor with the Lord, Saint Gabriel is an Angel – an Archangel. Human Saints are individuals who, like all people, are riddled with sins, faults and imperfections. Yet these people achieve sainthood through the simple and unselfish act of surrendering to the will of God. But what about angels?

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Rump Roast Supper in an Instant

Did you notice I didn’t have a recipe posted on Sunday? Maybe you didn’t notice, but I sure did. I write my posts in advance, scheduled for 5 in the morning. Once up, I share the latest posting on Face Book, then off I go with whatever the day may hold.

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