Oh Yeah – National Pigs in a Blanket

Today is National Pigs in a Blanket Day, which should not be confused with Pigs in Blankets. These are two very completely different things, neither of which involves swaddling a pig in a blanket.

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Cheddar-Chili Dog Casserole

First let me begin by saying that today is National Pastry Day. While I adore Pastries, especially anything French, when it comes to making good pastries, that’s just not in my wheelhouse. Would the biscuits on my casserole count? Didn’t think so, but it was worth a try.

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Giant Dinner Roll Pretzel Dogs

At a family gathering back before backyard gatherings in California were banned, my brother-in-law cooked up some Pretzel Hot Dogs as a change from the usual grilled hot dogs. They came in a giant box from Costco – enough Pretzel Dogs to feed a small country. They were good, but the dog to pretzel ratio was off – too much pretzel, not enough dog.

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