Oh Yeah – National Pigs in a Blanket

Today is National Pigs in a Blanket Day, which should not be confused with Pigs in Blankets. These are two very completely different things, neither of which involves swaddling a pig in a blanket.

Pigs in Blankets is a dish that can be found throughout England and Ireland. It’s small sausages wrapped in bacon. While you might think it’s an appetizer served year-round, Pigs in Blankets are actually served at Christmas Time, much like Yorkshire Pudding as a side dish. The English recipes for Pigs in Blankets appeared in print around the late 1950s, and by the 1990s Pigs in Blankets were commercially produced.

Today is all about the American concept of Pigs in A Blanket. While both typically utilize small cocktail sausages, Americans have also added the All-American Hot Dog as a possibility. Unlike Pigs in Blankets from across the pond, Americans wrap their sausages or hot dogs in dough. Often we serve them up for no particular reason. While a few ambitions cooks go to great lengths to impress their guests with homemade dough, most of us reach for that canned Crescent Dough found in the refrigerated section of our favorite grocery markets. The idea of wrapping pork links (pigs) in dough (blankets) can be traced as far back as the 1940s, when a US Army included the recipe in their cookbook.

When cocktail sausages are used, Pigs in a Blanket make for great appetizers year round. But throw a hot dog into the mix, and you’ve got the makings for a family-friendly fun supper.

Happy Pigs in a Blanket Day everyone!

Onion Dogs in a Blanket
1/2 Yellow Onion
1 tablespoons Bacon Drippings
1 (8 oz) can Refrigerated Crescent Roll Dough
8 All-Beef Hot Dogs
1 Egg
1 tablespoon Water
Sesame Seeds for garnish
Ketchup for dipping

Note: Butter or margarine can be used in place of the bacon drippings. Bacon drippings do add flavor, so if you have bacon on hand, fry up a few slices.

Heat oven to 375-degrees. Lightly grease a rimmed baking sheet, set aside.

Cut onion in half from root to tip. Reserve half for another purpose. Peel and thinly slice remaining half into half-moon rings. Melt bacon drippings in a skillet over medium heat. Scatter onion slices into the skillet. Sauté until beautifully golden. Remove from heat, remove from skillet and set aside.

Unroll crescent dough, separate into 8 triangles. Divide the grilled onions among the dough triangles, scattering at the wide end. Place a hot dot on top of the onions. Working with one at a time, roll toward the pointed end, making sure the onion remains tucked inside and the dough is tight. Feel free to press the dough for better coverage. Tuck pointed end under and place on the prepared baking sheet.

In a small bowl, whisk egg with water to create an egg wash. Brush over the tops of the crescent rolls. Sprinkle with sesame seeds, pressing gently into the rolls to adhere. Place in the heated oven and bake for about 12 minutes or until golden brown.

Arrange on a serving platter. Serve with ketchup for dipping or drizzled with Mustard or even a little of both.

Happy are all who search for the Lord and seek to do His will

Author: Rosemarie's Kitchen

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

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