A Creamy Scalloped Potato, Ham and Pea Casserole

Today is National Have a Coke Day. I actually had to look that one up – you see, when I was a girl if someone said “Have a Coke” they didn’t necessarily mean Coca-Cola so much as a soft drink. There was 7-Up and Coke – the generic name brads for clear and colored sodas. So for the record, National Have a Coke Day is in reference to the All-American beverage, Coca-Cola.

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Retro Day and Ground Beef Pot Pie

Do you know how to tell if you are old? Your childhood toys can be found in Antique Shops and the things you remember fondly are suddenly “Retro”. Man, that’s old!

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MLK Day and No Peek Beef Tips

Martin Luther King Jr was a man of many things. He had a strong belief in God, in the value of family and in America. He visualized a world that knew no color. It was a good dream for a struggling nation.

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National Pasta Day Made Easy

Today is National Pasta Day. Pasta to me is an expression of all things Italian. Once upon a time, Hubby and I loved a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant. It was – how do I put this – reminiscent of a Speak Easy or Private Dinner Club run by the mob.

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Old Fashioned Chili Mac Skillet Supper

Newspaper headlines: Society matron Mrs. Rittenhouse to hold lavish party at her Long Island home. The guest of honor, renowned explorer, Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding, recently returned from Africa. What’s that? You didn’t hear about this high society affair?

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On the Fourth Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me Four Calling Birds. Four Gospels calling the faithful to the Word of God and the life of Christ. No two gospels are exactly alike because each was written at a different point in time, from a different perspective.

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Italian Meatball Soup

Good Morning Everyone! Happy Thanksgiving. Since I’ve already shared my Thanksgiving recipes for a small gathering, I thought I’d share something non-Thanksgiving for those who aren’t celebrating this American Holiday.

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One Skillet Taco Macaroni Skillet Supper

My guys love Macaroni and Cheese. They love tacos. So why not give them what they love in one dish? Better still, this is a skillet supper. As in one pot or skillet is all it takes. Gotta love that!

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