Chuck Roast Flautas with a Little Sizzle

Let me start off by saying woops, I blew it with this one. Two things happened. First, I didn’t start cooking when I should have. That’s okay – Instant Pot to the rescue!

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What Comforts You?

Once again, depending upon which National Calendar you wish to follow, today might just be National Comfort Food Day. On the Foodie scene, it’s also Sacher Torte Day and Rhubarb Vodka Day. The vodka makes sense since on December 5, 1933 Prohibition was repealed. That alone is reason to celebrate.

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Say Happy Birthday with Tamale Skillet Pie

On the National Day front, today is National Baklava Day. Personally, I think Baklava Day should be celebrated in December. It’s one of my favorite Holiday Baking projects every year, a tradition in our house. Today is also Homemade Bread Day. What is better on a cold day then the smell of bread baking? Yum!

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Impossibly Possible Taco Pie

Impossible pie is oh so fitting for today’s recipe share. As a Catholic, I need to acknowledge that today is the Nativity of Mary. She was the Immaculate Conception, born without sin. Miracles do happen.

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Honoring the Buffalo Soldier

Today is National Buffalo Soldier Day. In 1992 Congress set this day aside to commemorate the formation of the first regular Army regiments of African American soldiers in 1866. Following the Civil War, Congress passed the Army Organization Act, creating six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments. It was the first such creation during peacetime.

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A Reason for Ice Cream

Did you know that today is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day? In my opinion, there are only two kinds of Vanilla Ice Cream worth eating – Vanilla Bean and French Vanilla. I remember as a kid we took turns cranking ice cream. If you didn’t crank, you didn’t get a scoop.

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Bring on the Flavor of Arizona Day

When it rains, it pours. Or better yet, when there’s reason to Celebrate, there’s plenty to celebrate. It’s Father’s Day, and that’s a pretty big deal. But that’s not all today brings. It’s also Peaches-N-Cream Day, Day of the Gong, Go Skateboarding Day and Selfie Day just to name a few. Aside from Father’s Day, my favorite is that it’s also National Arizona Day.

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Another Taco Tuesday in Paradise

Over the course of our marriage, Hubby has introduced me to a lot of different things. One was an appreciation for Jimmy Buffet. One of the best concerts we’ve attended was a Jimmy Buffet show in Las Vegas.

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Velvety Queso Taco Pockets

We’ve talked about Hubby’s love for meaty pies. And his love for Mexican food. This awesome dish bring two of his favorites together. And I gotta say, Kiddo and I were right there with him. After all, it’s Tequila Tuesday, right?

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Ro-Tel Tacos on Indian Fry Bread

Have you ever eaten at a Taco Bell? Have you ever tried their Chalupa Taco? If so, this is a lot like the Chalupa Taco. If you search for copy-cat Taco Bell Chalupa recipes, you’ll find them to be nearly identical to Fry Bread.

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Double Wrap Spicy Tacos

When it comes to tacos, are you a hard-crunchy shell type or the soft tortilla fan? Is it corn or flour that gets you excited? Believe it or not, we don’t always have to choose.

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Quesadilla Burger and the State of Texas

Recently Hubby did something different – he took some time off from work for a “mini vacation”. It was great – a couple of days spent puttering around the house, a trip to California’s Mother Lode, a movie in the middle of a weekday and a day trip to San Jose’s Winchester House.

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Spicy Two Meat-Bean Tostadas

What is a tostada but Nachos on a giant tortilla chip? In our house, Nachos are awesome. We have nachos for game night, or just because we like eating with our fingers. So giant nachos with a pitcher of Margarita were perfect for a Tijuana Tuesday.

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Beefy Cast Iron Skillet Nachos

This is a cast iron dish that is still a work in progress. I wasn’t even going to share it just yet, especially since I just gave you a No-Bean Nacho recipe last week. After much consideration and debate, I decided to go ahead and share. Maybe you have some ideas that would help this casual skillet supper hit its mark.

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Spicy Beef and Butterfly Pasta is Oh So Good

Although this dish is not a Hamburger Helper meal, it truly is in the spirit of whip it up delicious. The Cheddar Cheese Soup and Hot Salsa just wake up your taste buds. Served with a quick salad and it’s an easy meal for our hectic lifestyles.

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