Good Morning Arizona!

The sun is rising on this, another perfect day. It’s the Summer Solstice after all. And what better state to celebrate on this day than Arizona, where the sun lives nearly year-round. Did you know Arizona was the last continental state to join the union? That’s not all . . .

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The Beauty of an Arizona Desert

Today is Arizona Day. It seems fitting that Arizona Day coincides with the Summer Solstice and National Daylight Appreciation Day. After all, when it comes to sunshine, what more beautiful place is there than the desserts of Arizona at daybreak?

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Bring on the Flavor of Arizona Day

When it rains, it pours. Or better yet, when there’s reason to Celebrate, there’s plenty to celebrate. It’s Father’s Day, and that’s a pretty big deal. But that’s not all today brings. It’s also Peaches-N-Cream Day, Day of the Gong, Go Skateboarding Day and Selfie Day just to name a few. Aside from Father’s Day, my favorite is that it’s also National Arizona Day.

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