Oh Yeah, Bring on that Heat

Wow – what a difference a year can make! On this day last year I gave all my reasons for not following the National Calendar to celebrate Baklava Day (too dang early in the year) and why I wasn’t baking bread on National Home-baked Bread Day.

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Cheater’s Chicken Mole Update

This must be the time to be re-tweaking some recipes from the past. One of Hubby’s all-time favorites has to be Chicken Mole. Way, way back when on a very early “date” in our marriage, he took me to this hole-in-the-wall place that had some of the best Mole on the planet.

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Cheater’s Chicken Mole

When Hubby and I first got together, he took me to a dive of a Mexican restaurant – a real hole in the wall joint with linoleum floors that slopped toward the kitchen and rickety tables. Hubby insisted they made his all-time-favorite Mexican dish – Chicken Mole. He was right, it was very good. Because I love Hubby with all my heart, and as a blushing bride, I wanted to make his favorite Mexican dish at home. Have you seen the ingredients in authentic Mole sauce?! Oh me, oh my . . . raisins, nuts, chocolate, chilies and on and on . . . hours of simmering. Oh no!

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