Bring on the Flavor of Arizona Day

When it rains, it pours. Or better yet, when there’s reason to Celebrate, there’s plenty to celebrate. It’s Father’s Day, and that’s a pretty big deal. But that’s not all today brings. It’s also Peaches-N-Cream Day, Day of the Gong, Go Skateboarding Day and Selfie Day just to name a few. Aside from Father’s Day, my favorite is that it’s also National Arizona Day.

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The Way of Oven-Baked Scallops in Shells

One of Hubby’s favorite things from the sea has to be Scallops. They are almost like round, sweetly mild white fish, just not flaky like a perfectly cooked piece of fish would be. Scallops lend themselves beautifully to an array of flavor enhancements.

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Celebrate National Caviar Day with Pasta Amnesia

If ever there was a day made for celebration, it’s got to be National Caviar Day. After all, fancy caviar and celebrations just go hand in hand, right?

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