The Spice of Life

No recipe this time, just pictures. If you’ve been following along, you know that Hubby and I put in a hot pepper garden every year. The best part about the garden is that we have fresh peppers at our finger tips.

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Thank You Montana!

Montana, the 41st state to enter the union, is rich in history. It is the site of the Little Big Horn and Custer’s last stand. It was the first state to elect a woman to congress. And it was explored by Lewis and Clark.

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It’s National Fajita Day – Hooray!

Today is a very interesting National Day. We’ve got Mail Order Catalog Day and Pinot Noir Day. Then there’s National Ice Cream Pie Day and Fajita Day. You know me, if I must make a choice, it’s Fajitas all the way.

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Carnita Asada Fajitas

Today is National Spicy Guacamole Day. (Not to be confused with Guacamole Day in September). I suppose I could have shared a recipe for Guacamole to serve with freshly made tortilla chips and called it a day. But Guacamole is so much more than just a dip. It’s a condiment for all sorts of delicious dishes like Fajitas.

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One-Pan Flank Steak Fajitas Bursting with Flavors

If you are like me, you really like the ease and convenience of a one-pan or one-pot meal. While this dish requires a little more, in the spirit of one pan cooking it rocks.

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Summer Night Entertaining with Grilled Flank Steak Fajitas

There is something so special about grilling together. The food just seems to taste better when we’ve prepared it together. Making Steak Fajitas means working together to prep, grill and serve a delicious meal. Maybe it’s the love of cooking together that makes everything taste so much better. The weekend is nearly upon us and I can hardly wait!

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Arrachera a la Parrilla (Grilled Flank Steak)

bloodhoundBefore the dog days of summer have completely slipped away, let’s throw a little something on the grill, shall we? Okay, excuse me while I meander elsewhere – we’ll get to grilling in a minute. What the heck are dog days of summer anyway? To me, it’s a way of conveying the slow, unhurried days of summer. Like a lazy hound dog resting on the porch. Continue reading “Arrachera a la Parrilla (Grilled Flank Steak)”

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