The Spice of Life

No recipe this time, just pictures. If you’ve been following along, you know that Hubby and I put in a hot pepper garden every year. The best part about the garden is that we have fresh peppers at our finger tips.

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Which Came First?

Today is National Fajita Day. And that brings me to the burning questions – which came first? Was it the Chicken Fajita or the Steak Fajita? And as long as we are asking, just where did the whole Fajita concept come from in the first place?

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It’s National Fajita Day – Hooray!

Today is a very interesting National Day. We’ve got Mail Order Catalog Day and Pinot Noir Day. Then there’s National Ice Cream Pie Day and Fajita Day. You know me, if I must make a choice, it’s Fajitas all the way.

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There’s More to Fajitas than Chicken

Today is National Mail Order Catalog Day, Ice Cream Pie Day and my personal favorite, Fajita Day. Although I will admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for Mail Order Catalogs. I can remember the Sears Christmas Catalog – as thick as a phone book and packed with all sort of childhood fantasies. Page after page, it was enough to put Santa’s Workshop to shame.

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