Would You Believe?

Today has several National Days to pick from. The one with the greatest impact has to be National Big Wig Day. It was designed to raise money as well as awareness on a number of worthwhile fronts to help people who may need wigs after an illness. For more information on how to observe the last Friday in January, please visit the National Big Wig Day website.

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Velvety Queso Taco Pockets

We’ve talked about Hubby’s love for meaty pies. And his love for Mexican food. This awesome dish bring two of his favorites together. And I gotta say, Kiddo and I were right there with him. After all, it’s Tequila Tuesday, right?

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The Grand Taco Touchdown!

I know, football season has barely begun, so why am I thinking Super Bowl? In part because I don’t really care what teams are playing so I can think ahead. I’m only a fan of football for two reasons – I love my husband and I love the “munchie” style foods we all enjoy.

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Crunchy Double Crusted Taco Pie

This is sort of a spin-off from the ever so popular Mexican Taco Ring. While lacking in lettuce; tomato and such; it makes up for in the crunch of Doritos Chips. I made it a point to get Ground Chuck from my butcher – love the robust; beefy flavor of chuck. If you are thinking 80% Lean is the same – it’s not. Chuck comes from the shoulder – while most other types of ground beef come from the hind leg. Be warned – Chuck has about three times the calories of other ground beef. Which begs the question – why is the more tasty cuts also the highest in calorie count?

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