Corn Chips and New Mexican Pork Fajitas

Today is National Corn Chips Day. Corn chips and Spicy Bean Dip are the perfect way to start a delicious, New Mexican Inspired supper, don’t you think? Put out the chips and dip to accompany the Margaritas to get our fiesta started.

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Would You Believe?

Today has several National Days to pick from. The one with the greatest impact has to be National Big Wig Day. It was designed to raise money as well as awareness on a number of worthwhile fronts to help people who may need wigs after an illness. For more information on how to observe the last Friday in January, please visit the National Big Wig Day website.

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Not Your Typical Layered Dip

There are several things that drew me to this Layered Bean Dip. First off, the look of the dip. It’s not served in a glass casserole dish or trifle or giant glass bowl, with all the delicious layers viewed through the sides of glass. Secondly, it does not have the usual layers.

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