Don’t You Love Skillet Dip with Warm Chips?

What a day for National Days! There are at least nine to choose from, everything from Ag Day to Tamales. Some revolve around particular dishes, such as Melba Toast, while others just bring a smile like Puppy Day. Who doesn’t love puppies?

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Best Darn Taco-Margarita Bar in Town

Let’s start with mixing up our own Taco Seasoning, making our own Chorizo and then putting out a build-it-your-way Taco bar. Who needs restaurants to be open? A restaurant means you have to put on pants, get in the car and drive somewhere. Depending upon where you live and how “open” things are, that could be a long, long drive. Making a Taco Bar at home doesn’t require any of that. Okay, maybe pants would be nice, but not required.

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National Tortilla Chip Day 2020

Today is National Tortilla Chip Day. Now last year, we made our own Tortilla Chips to celebrate the day – and that was fun. My guys love it when I make our chips. But what’s the point of chips without a dip?

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Not Your Typical Layered Dip

There are several things that drew me to this Layered Bean Dip. First off, the look of the dip. It’s not served in a glass casserole dish or trifle or giant glass bowl, with all the delicious layers viewed through the sides of glass. Secondly, it does not have the usual layers.

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Tex-Mex Game Day Dip Cups

When you have a Super Bowl Party, is Bean Dip or Seven-Layer Dip part of your repertoire? For most of us, the answer is yes. I love the idea of changing things up a bit with individual dipping cups.

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Skillet Chipotle Bean Dip

Oh my gosh, how did this happen? The regular NFL football season is nearly upon us. Already I’ve lost Hubby to the pre-season games. The opening game is just two weeks away, with Green Bay at Chicago for the Thursday Night Game. There’s only one thing to do to win his attention and that is to make a few favorite game day munchies.

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It’s National Eat Your Beans Day

Once again I turned to the Nation Whatever calendar for a little inspiration. (Is that cheating? Gosh, I hope not!) Today offered three choices – National Fried Clam Day, National Chocolate Wafer Day or National Eat Your Beans Day.

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My Big Game Day Menu

While Hubby watched the two remaining play-off games, I began the rather difficult task of putting together this year’s actual Super Bowl Game Day menu. (Truth be told, I was hoping it would be Kansas City and New Orleans Saints in Atlanta. How easy is that? Barbecue and Cajun dishes with a southern spin! Didn’t happen, but that’s okay, too).

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