Gotta Have Those Beans!

If tomorrow is the 4th of July, then today is National Eat Your Beans Day. I wonder if this day was chosen as a prep day for the beans we will surely be serving tomorrow, or if we’re actually supposed to cook our beans and eat them, too.

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Have You Had Your Beans Today?

Today is National Eat Your Beans Day. All things considered, it’s a fair question – have you had your beans today? I don’t know about the rest of the world, but one of the first things that vanished from the grocery store shelves, besides toilet paper, were beans. Canned beans in particular, but dried beans as well.

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It’s National Eat Your Beans Day

Once again I turned to the Nation Whatever calendar for a little inspiration. (Is that cheating? Gosh, I hope not!) Today offered three choices – National Fried Clam Day, National Chocolate Wafer Day or National Eat Your Beans Day.

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