Two Sides to Every Super Bowl

Okay, confession time. When Kansas City won their division and were headed to the Super Bowl, I was really hoping that Green Bay would go all the way, too. I am a Green Bay Fan by marriage. Growing up in Northern California, I cheered for the 49ers, if I cheered at all since football is not my thing.

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What are you Serving for the Big Game?

Maybe it’s the shape of the meatballs peeking out from under the pinched Crescent dough. Maybe it’s the idea of serving meatballs as “finger food”. I can’t say for sure, but this recipe struck me as perfect Super Bowl Food.

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You Can Do Anything with Chicken Wings

Many, many years ago, my Dad was partnered in a Butcher Shop. My brother learned the value of hard physical work as a boy sweeping floors and helping with deliveries. I learned about bookkeeping while working on the office side of the business.

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Tex-Mex Game Day Dip Cups

When you have a Super Bowl Party, is Bean Dip or Seven-Layer Dip part of your repertoire? For most of us, the answer is yes. I love the idea of changing things up a bit with individual dipping cups.

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National Cheese Lover’s Day and Spicy Cheese Pinwheels

Today is National Cheese Lover’s Day. To honor the day, we should be talking about the rich history of cheese, or how Americans have awakened their senses with gourmet cheeses. Yeah, there’s more to cheese than a block of Velveeta!

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Mini Corn Dog Muffins are Big on Flavor

Are you a fan of corn dogs? I love them. Have you ever made corn dogs at home from scratch without a deep fryer? Mine have been less than I had hoped. The batter, although delicious, tended to slid off the dog. Scratch from-scratch corn dogs off my list.

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Louisiana Hot Chicken Wings

The Big Game is coming, the Big Game is coming! Sorry about my crazy enthusiasm, but as I’m writing this piece, I’m watching one of my favorite comedies from 1966, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

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My Big Game Day Menu

While Hubby watched the two remaining play-off games, I began the rather difficult task of putting together this year’s actual Super Bowl Game Day menu. (Truth be told, I was hoping it would be Kansas City and New Orleans Saints in Atlanta. How easy is that? Barbecue and Cajun dishes with a southern spin! Didn’t happen, but that’s okay, too).

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