Here’s To a Spicy New Year!

Imagine my surprise when I realized I haven’t shared a New Year’s Eve inspired post since December 2019. Now I realize that things were not very contusive for a New Year Celebration at the end of 2020, but to skip it – really?

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Heads Up for Super Bowl Fun

In our house, this year’s Super Bowl is sort of up in the air. Hubby was so disappointed in the Packer loss after coming so far. He’s not even sure he wants to watch the game since the outcome holds no interest. And then there’s all the political nonsense that has somehow seeped into every aspect of life in America, including sports.

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You Can Do Anything with Chicken Wings

Many, many years ago, my Dad was partnered in a Butcher Shop. My brother learned the value of hard physical work as a boy sweeping floors and helping with deliveries. I learned about bookkeeping while working on the office side of the business.

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Picante-Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings

I know, enough with the chicken wings already! This is my last wing recipe (for this week) – I promise. I’ve been reading some of my older easy recipe cookbooks and I keep finding delicious recipes I had forgotten about. Besides, you can never have too many chicken wing recipes or too many choices for finger foods, right? These spicy-sweet wings are just a little different but oh so tasty.

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Louisiana Hot Chicken Wings

The Big Game is coming, the Big Game is coming! Sorry about my crazy enthusiasm, but as I’m writing this piece, I’m watching one of my favorite comedies from 1966, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians are Coming!

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Super Bowl Munch Fest 2019

1998-01-04Can you believe it? Next week is Super Bowl 53! Wow, the Super Bowl is middle-aged. Another few years, and the Super Bowl can start collecting Social Security. Think about that for a moment. Let me ask you, have you ever gone to a Super Bowl game? Continue reading “Super Bowl Munch Fest 2019”

Japanese Glazed Chicken Wings

This yummy, sticky finger-food is a delicious adaptation of my Japanese Glazed Drumsticks. It makes for a wonderful appetizer or a welcome addition to any game day munchies. It’s been a big hit with my guys. I even served these wings for my Dad’s appetizer inspired birthday party. While there is a little work involved; these are so delicious it’s well worth the effort. Just be sure to include some wet-wipes as the chicken is sticky-good.

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Game Day Munch Fest 2

Are you ready for some football? Yeah! I’ve got some really delicious “munchies” that come together easily. There’s a little day-before pre work, and day of to finish everything. Super easy. Super delicious.

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Five Game Day Snacks for your Living Room Tailgate Party

Football season is in full swing. To me, the best part about game-day are all the yummy finger foods. You know what I’m talking about – Little Burger Sliders, Chicken Wings galore, plenty of chips and dips and all the other little bite-size flavor explosions to pop into our mouths as we cheer on our favorite team. I especially love tail-gating on the sofa – all the food of a tailgate party with all the comforts of home. If I had it my way, we’d be nibbling on Portobello Mushroom Napoleon or Pork Tenderloin Crostini with a Béarnaise Sauce but that’s just me.  I’m one of those crazy people who subscribes to the notion that “casual” entertaining need not mean “casual” food.

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