A Sizzling Soft Taco Day

Today is a special day – not just Taco Day, but Soft Taco Day. While those hard shells do bring a crunch to the table, in our house soft shell tacos rule.

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Rich Mushroom Hamburger Steaks

Today is National TV Dinner Day. TV Dinners are one of those “you’ve come a long way, Baby” ways of getting foods conveniently from the freezer to the table for a home-cooked meal. While Swanson was the first to bring packages meals to the consumer in 1953, they were not the first to consider the possibility.

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Impossibly Possible Taco Pie

Impossible pie is oh so fitting for today’s recipe share. As a Catholic, I need to acknowledge that today is the Nativity of Mary. She was the Immaculate Conception, born without sin. Miracles do happen.

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Honoring the Buffalo Soldier

Today is National Buffalo Soldier Day. In 1992 Congress set this day aside to commemorate the formation of the first regular Army regiments of African American soldiers in 1866. Following the Civil War, Congress passed the Army Organization Act, creating six all-black cavalry and infantry regiments. It was the first such creation during peacetime.

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Zesty Italian Crescent Pie

The first time I read though this recipe from Pillsbury I thought it was good, but needed some tweaking. After all, they called their recipe Zesty Italian Crescent Casserole. Catchy title, but one small problem. Well, actually two if you want to get picky about it.

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Stick a Feather in Your Cap

And call it Macaroni. Yep, today is National Macaroni Day. When most Americans think Macaroni, we think Thomas Jefferson and the French Delicacy Macaroni and Cheese. Okay, maybe not everyone is aware the Thomas Jefferson served Macaroni and Cheese at a State’s Dinner in 1802, but we do think Mac and Cheese.

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Today is National Hawaii Day. It’s also National Bikini Day. Hum, how fitting is that? While I don’t know how today was chosen for Hawaii Day, I do know that on July 5, 1946 the two-piece bathing suit hit the beaches for the first time. I’m just tossing that little tidbit out there. I can’t exactly build a recipe around a Bikini Theme, but I sure can for Hawaii.

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Spicy Crescent Enchiladas

Some things are just so ingrained in American Cooking that we take them for granted, not realizing the rest of the world might not have the same convenience of commercially marketed short cuts. Rarely do we bake a cake from scratch, although the boxed variety often needs a helping hand. Pie crusts and Dinner Rolls can come in a box, from the freezer or even in a tube. Wow!

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Another Taco Tuesday in Paradise

Over the course of our marriage, Hubby has introduced me to a lot of different things. One was an appreciation for Jimmy Buffet. One of the best concerts we’ve attended was a Jimmy Buffet show in Las Vegas.

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It’s National Hamburger Day!

Did you know that May is National Hamburger Month? I did not know that. Today is actually National Hamburger Day. I’m glad I didn’t know that the entire month was dedicated to the Hamburger. Otherwise; my guys might have insisted on burgers every night.

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Beefy Butterfly Noodle Casserole

Did you know that Farfalle means Butterfly? Here in American, we call Farfalle “Bow-Tie” pasta; and I can see that, but Butterfly is so much prettier, don’t you think? Unless you are going for something that sounds more retro; in which case Bow Tie Pasta has a nice ring to it.

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Beefy Cowboy Casserole

Maybe it’s all this penned up frustration just itching to get out on the open range that has me in a cowboy frame of mind. What I wouldn’t give to head off to Wyoming right about now, saddle up and hit the trail. Cattle country is calling my name.

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Nevada’s Awful Big Day

Today is National Nevada Day. Nevada, the Battle Born State, was grated statehood during the Civil War. The only other state to join during the war was West Virginia. Although today is National Nevada Day, Nevada actually joined the union on October 31, 1864.

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Ro-Tel Tacos on Indian Fry Bread

Have you ever eaten at a Taco Bell? Have you ever tried their Chalupa Taco? If so, this is a lot like the Chalupa Taco. If you search for copy-cat Taco Bell Chalupa recipes, you’ll find them to be nearly identical to Fry Bread.

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It’s Minnesota Day!

The first of March gave us plenty of National Days to pick from. Dadgum That’s Good Day, Fruit Compote Day, Peanut Butter Lover’s Day and National Pig Day just to name a few. Although I think it would have been in poor taste to roast a pig on a day set aside to honor the intelligence of the pig.

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