Crunchy Taco Pie Delight

Did you know that today is National California Strawberry Day? Now I’m assuming we are suppose to celebrate the whole idea of planting strawberries or enjoy the blossoms that might be forming on existing plants. Lord knows we aren’t harvesting Strawberries.

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Crunchy Double Crusted Taco Pie

This is sort of a spin-off from the ever so popular Mexican Taco Ring. While lacking in lettuce; tomato and such; it makes up for in the crunch of Doritos Chips. I made it a point to get Ground Chuck from my butcher – love the robust; beefy flavor of chuck. If you are thinking 80% Lean is the same – it’s not. Chuck comes from the shoulder – while most other types of ground beef come from the hind leg. Be warned – Chuck has about three times the calories of other ground beef. Which begs the question – why is the more tasty cuts also the highest in calorie count?

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