Turning that Luck Around

Welcome to the first Friday the 13th of the New Year. It’s not just any Friday the 13th, but the very first one. And that makes it special. This day must have been created with our elected officials in mind.

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Spatchcock Mesquite Chicken with Pan Gravy

Basic recipes are amazing in that they can easily be adapted to suit your needs, preference and what you have on hand. If this recipe seems familiar, you’d be right. We shared it not that long ago.

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Arkansas and Southern Eats

Today we celebrate the great state of Arkansas. It’s a landlocked state but hardly dry. There are plenty of river ways and lakes to explore. And more. So much more.

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Baja Pork Taco Feast

All the holidays are now behind us. On the National Front, today is Bitter-sweet Chocolate Day. I suppose a rich dessert would be in order. But after all the Hoopla of the Holidays, dessert just isn’t hitting the spot.

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Cream Cheese Apricot Scones

Did you know that Apricots, cousins to the peach, actually originated in northeastern China? And thanks to the explorations of Alexander the Great, King Henry VIII and English settlers to the New World, apricots are popular in a wide variety of cuisines.

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A Return to Tradition

Welcome to the second Sunday of the New Year. This is a very special Sunday indeed. Yes, it is the Lord’s Day, and that is always special. But it is also the first Sunday following the Epiphany, January 6.

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Friday Night Epiphany Fiesta

Rise up in splendor, Jerusalem! Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you. See, darkness covers the earth, and thick clouds cover the peoples; but upon you the Lord shines, and over you appears his glory. Isaiah 60:1-2

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And Now the 12th Day of Christmas

Twelve Drummers Drumming. “Come they told me Pa-rum pum pum pum. Our newborn King to see, pa-rum pum pum pum.” Originally titled “Carol of the Drum”, this popular Christmas song was written in 1941 by American composer Katherine Kennicott Davis. It would not be recorded for another 10 years.

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On 11th Day of Christmas Let’s Spice Things Up

Here we are, four days into the new secular year. January 4 is the 11th Day of Christmas, with only 1 day remaining. It is National Spaghetti Day, Missouri Day and the Feast of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Yeah, try pulling all that together in a single post.

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On the 10th Day of Christmas – Look at Them Leap!

We all know the words – On the 10th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ten Lords a Leaping. My True Love – the one True Love – God the Father. He has given us everything.

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The Hits and Misses of 2022

What’s that strange looking contraption? It’s a Hit-and-Miss Engine. Conceived in the late 19th century, the Hit ‘N’ Miss was produced by a number of companies from the 1890s through the 1940s. What does this combustion engine have to do with recipes? Nothing. I just like it.

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On This The 9th Day of Christmas

One of the many aspects of faith is a belief in the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christ sent the Holy Spirit in an answer to ten days of intense prayer.

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On the 8th Day of Christmas Those Ladies Got Busy!

Happy New Year’s Day one and all! Another year over, a new one has begun. We turn the page, and life begins again. Praise be!

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Behold the Solemnity of Mary

Catholics worldwide observe many important Feasts during the Twelve Days of Christmas. There is the Feast of Saint Stephen, Saint John the Apostle, the Holy Innocents and Holy Family. While each feast is important, none is greater than the one today.

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