Salsa Scrambled Egg Burritos

Life really is beginning to return to normal. We’ve had our share of scares and a few losses along the way, but by the grace of God we have survived. Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you have been changed.

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Welcome to My Cognac Birthday Bash

Welcome to the 4th day of June. On the National Front, this is National Cheese Day and National Cognac Day. Oh how those National Days inspire me. Just you wait and see.

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Corpus Christi and the Beauty of Eggs

Today is the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday, sixty days beyond Easter. Within the Catholic Church, today is the Feast of Corpus Christi. This day solemnly commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist. Among Roman Catholics, Anglican and Western Orthodox faiths, it is the celebration of the physical presence of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the elements of the Eucharist.

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National Rotisserie Chicken Day and More

Hey there Bubba, looks like today is your lucky day. Yep, it’s National Bubba Day. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always associated Bubba as either a Southern Term of Endearment or a Slap in the Face, depending upon who is using it and how it‘s used. Turns out both are right.

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Say Something Nice and Have a Great Meal

Welcome to June. On this the first day of my favorite month, there is a lot happening on the National Calendar. Count ‘em – eight different celebrations to choose from. You would think with all that going on, we’d have a few Foodie Days. With the exception of Hazelnut Cake Day, everything else is non-food related. Oh well.

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Celebrate Memorial Day with the Flavors of Utah

Today we celebrate Memorial Day (the last Monday in May – and this year it’s about as late as it can get) and the 45th state to join the Union, Utah. Memorial Day is so much more than just an excuse for a three-day weekend and the start of the Backyard Barbecue Season.

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Trinity Sunday and Yucatan Goodness

Tomorrow is Memorial Day – and the start of another awesome Grilling Season. Before we get to all that awesome foods plucked from our grills, let’s take a moment to talk about today.

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Ember Days Classic Coq au Vin

Today is the third and final Ember Days of Summer. Ember Days can be traced back to the early days of the Church in Rome. The argument often heard by Catholics is that Ember Days are based not on faith and scripture but on paganism. That it isn’t “Christian”.

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Moo to Ember Days of Summer

Today is Ember Days Friday of Summer. It is the first Friday following Pentecost Sunday. Summer Embers Days are meant to remind us to give thanks for God’s blessings of Nature and to appreciate those who toil the land. There is a great place of honor for those who labor in the fields, tend to the flocks and care for the land.

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Wow – Cheesy Italian Beef Pie

Today’s National Day needs no recipe. It’s National Grape Popsicle Day. Easy enough. Make up a batch of Grape Cool-Aid. Pour it into plastic cups, place in the freezer. Once the liquid begins to freeze, insert popsicle sticks, continue to freeze until solid. Too much trouble? That’s okay, you’ll find popsicles in the frozen section of the grocery store.

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Ember Wednesday of Summer

Today is the first Wednesday following Pentecost Sunday. On the Catholic Calendars of old, it would have been a day of fasting and prayer as Ember Days of Pentecost, or Ember Days of Summer. Four times a year, particular Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays were once distinct days of devotion in the early Church.

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Chicken Jalapeno Lime Soft Tacos – Oh Yeah!

Today is National Brown Bag It Day. It’s also Tijuana Tuesday in our house. My guys Brown Bag It most days. And Taco Fixings travel so well.

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Welcome to Wyoming’s Frontier

Wyoming is one of my favorite states for a variety of reason. Wyoming was the first territory to grant women the right to vote. Although the 10th largest state by area, it has the smallest population with just over a half a million total. Yet millions of tourists annually trek to Yellowstone’s Old Faithful. That means more people visit a single spot within state than the combined total who live there.

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Pentecost Sunday Supper

Pentecost, like Easter, is a moveable feast. Pentecost is dependent upon Easter. While Easter falls on the first Sunday after the March Equinox of March 21, Pentecost Sunday occurs fifty days after Easter Sunday. Confused? Don’t be.

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An Easy Way to Celebrate a Creamy Day

Today is National Vanilla Pudding Day. We all know what that means – today we indulge our sweet cravings with a cold, creamy bowl of vanilla pudding. But did you know puddings today have no resemblance to the puddings of medieval times.

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