Celebrating The State of Rhode Island

Today we celebrate all that is Rhode Island. Despite its name, Rhode Island isn’t an actual island. The majority of the state is also part of mainland America. Like its name, Rhode Island is a land of contradictions.

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Like We Need An Excuse?

Today is a Three-For Day. Three special days rolled into one. While we’re going to talk about the important of two events for today, we’ll only be able to eat the third.

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A Sizzling Soft Taco Day

Today is a special day – not just Taco Day, but Soft Taco Day. While those hard shells do bring a crunch to the table, in our house soft shell tacos rule.

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Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? If not, while you are not alone, you might just find yourself in the minority. While the term “Guardian” does not appear in the Bible, the idea of Guardian Angels does. And you don’t have to believe in Angels for Angels to exist. Believers and nonbelievers alike walk the earth with Angels.

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Feast of the Little Rose

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked faith. With all this pandemic and social unrest and fear-driven distractions, faith should be in the forefront. For many of us on a personal level, faith has been center stage even if we haven’t been vocal about sharing it.

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Giant Dinner Roll Pretzel Dogs

At a family gathering back before backyard gatherings in California were banned, my brother-in-law cooked up some Pretzel Hot Dogs as a change from the usual grilled hot dogs. They came in a giant box from Costco – enough Pretzel Dogs to feed a small country. They were good, but the dog to pretzel ratio was off – too much pretzel, not enough dog.

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Cilantro-Lime Chicken Skillet Supper

Today is Michaelmas, also known as the Feast of Saint Michael and All the Angels or simply Feast of the Archangels. Most of us recognize the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Catholics tradition teaches there are seven Archangels, one for each of the Seven Sacraments.

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They Kill the Lettuce in Carolina

Today we celebrate North Carolina. Ask the people who call North Carolina home what makes the state so special and they are sure to tell you with pride what sets their state apart.

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Who Says You Cannot Cook from a Can?

Today is National Corned Beef Hash Day. What is Corned Beef Hash? At its basic form, it’s a corn beef brisket, onions, potatoes and spices. Hash is an English word that means throwing something together, fitting of Corned Beef Hash.

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Gotta Love Quesadillas – Olé!

So yesterday was Quesadilla Day. These delicious Chicken Quesadillas were my first choice to share. But yesterday was also Lobster Day. I simply could not pass up Lobster Quesadillas. Could you?

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Food Truck Lobster Quesadillas

What an awesome day to be in the kitchen! It’s National Lobster Day and National Quesadilla Day. Originally my plan was to go with Quesadilla and serve up my delicious Chicken Quesadilla. But then a light came on – duh!

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Three Cheese Lobster Mac and Cheese

Tomorrow is National Lobster Day. So why a lobster recipe today? Tomorrow is also National Quesadilla Day. Need I say more? Besides, Lobster should be consumed daily as far as I’m concerned.

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Is the Great American Pot Pie Really American?

Today is the Great American Pot Pie Day. Ask my husband and he will tell you emphatically that a true Pot Pie is made with both a bottom and top crust. It’s the way he grew up. We didn’t eat much in the way of pot pies except an occasional Swanson’s TV Dinner Pot Pie. Back then, I wasn’t a fan of cooked carrots or the texture of frost-bitten peas, so I ate the top crust, then picked out all the vegetables before eating what was left.

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Lazy Fried Egg Breakfast

Dear Diary – is it okay to want breakfast all day long? Yeah, you guessed it, today is Dear Diary Day. It’s also Ice Cream Cone Day and White Chocolate Day and Autumnal Equinox and Elephant Appreciation and Car Free and oh me oh my the list goes on and on.

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