National Quiche Lorraine Day

Today is National Quiche Lorraine Day. Did you know that Quiche Lorraine is the original form of quiche, from the French region of – what else – Lorraine. If you knew that already, then like me the chances are you were wrong. During medieval times, the Germans in Lothringen had an open pie, the Kuchen. The word Kuchen eventually became Kische. When France conquered Lothringen, they lay claim to the German’s Kische, renaming the dish Lorraine and changing the spelling of Kische to the more standard French spelling, Quiche.

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Real Men Don’t Eat Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Do you love Quiche? I sure do! Hubby’s favorite saying when it comes to Quiche is that real men don’t eat Quiche. Sound familiar? It’s the title of Bruce Feirstine’s best seller by the same name, a tongue-in-cheek book satirizing stereotypes of masculinity. When we do a fancy brunch for Easter or Mother’s Day or whatever the reason, I like to include a Quiche, while making sure there are plenty of “manly” dishes to offset the feminine foods. I haven’t a clue as to what makes Quiche on the feminine food radar, but whatever. I adore Quiche. Fortunately, so does Kiddo. I say we should all eat Quiche!

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