Glazed Cinnamon Crescents for a Sweet National Day

Easter Sunday may be behind us, but for Catholics we have a ways to go in the Easter Season. Catholics mark the end of the Easter Season on Pentecost Sunday, 50 days after Easter. This year, the Easter Season will end on May 28.

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Hello Saturday Morning!

Do you have a favorite meal of the day? Not a favorite dish, but classification of meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mine would be breakfast or brunch, hands down. I love breakfast-brunch so much that there are times I’ll serve it for dinner.

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A Brunch to Start the New Year in Style

One of the best things about living in Las Vegas has got to be New Year’s Eve. Even the local stay in hotels on the strip. Not only are the parties fairly wild, but the next day the brunch buffets are to-die-for. While I don’t miss the insanity of the strip on New Year’s Eve, I do miss the luxury of their upscale New Year’s Day Brunch.

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Bagelfest Eggs Benedict

talking elevator2Did you know that today is a National Day for all sorts of things? It’s Aunt and Uncle Day, Coffee Milkshake Day, All or Nothing Day. In addition, it’s also the day to avoid riding in an elevator if you can because it’s National Talk in an Elevator Day. I suppose some people like talking with strangers in confined spaces. Heck, I’ve even been the chatty one at times. So if you’ve ever been looking for an excuse to talk to fellow passengers in an elevator, today is your lucky day. Today is also National Get Gnarly Day. National Get Gnarly Day challenges us to put some gnarliness into everything we do today and to overcome a few fears in the process. Who knows, maybe talking with strangers in an elevator is a gnarly thing to do, and it’s killing two birds with one stone. Just be careful who you talk to – wizards and witches are everywhere these days. Continue reading “Bagelfest Eggs Benedict”

National Quiche Lorraine Day

Today is National Quiche Lorraine Day. Did you know that Quiche Lorraine is the original form of quiche, from the French region of – what else – Lorraine. If you knew that already, then like me the chances are you were wrong. During medieval times, the Germans in Lothringen had an open pie, the Kuchen. The word Kuchen eventually became Kische. When France conquered Lothringen, they lay claim to the German’s Kische, renaming the dish Lorraine and changing the spelling of Kische to the more standard French spelling, Quiche.

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Asparagus and Goat Cheese Frittata

What a wonderful day to be alive! Did you know that today is National Eat What You Want Day? Well, it is. Eat What You Want Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy. It’s the one day a year when we are to eat without regrets. Love donuts? Go for it. Love greasy spoons or fat food joints, indulge away. This day was intended to be a guilt-free day.

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Easter Brunch Makes Sunday Special

I simply adore creating beautiful menus compete with delicious recipes to mark the significance of a particular day. While there are certain foods that make an appearance year after year, new twists are a fun way to bring variety to the table. While it has been twenty years or more since my family did a big brunch for Easter, I remember it fondly. A nice ham, Ann’s Awesome Quiche, warm rolls, several vegetable dishes that bring color to the table while complementing the overall “feel”. No true breakfast food in sight. Oh but it was all so very delicious. Why not do it again?

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Blueberry Boy Bait Cake

Good morning everyone! Welcome to National Coffee Cake Day. Did you know that Coffee Cakes contain no coffee? Of course you did! These single layer cakes are intended to be eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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Eggs Benedict – An American Classic

One morning a while back I came across a recipe for Eggs Benedict. That got me to thinking about my own recipe for Eggs Benedict, and the history behind this wonderful Breakfast-Brunch classic.

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Crab Cakes Benedict

In the rush of everyday life, we often don’t have time for such luxuries as breakfast. I know we should take the time, but so often we don’t. Maybe a donut, if we are lucky. It is only on the weekends – usually Sundays – that life slows down enough for breakfast. Some of us attend church services, followed by a nice breakfast. Others sleep in, then eat a leisurely morning meal.

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Anne’s Awesome Bacon-Spinach Quiche

It’s funny how certain “first” bites just stay with you forever. My first bite of an Omelette was  – of all places – on an airplane flight. My first bite of Quiche was at a little mid-town bistro – and it was an instant love affair. I’m not sure if it was the Quiche itself that I fell in love with or the quaintness of this tiny French Bistro (long since gone) that I adored so much. Many a Sunday morning was spent there, sipping a Mimosa and nibbling on fresh-baked goodies. Many a Saturday nigh I could be found sipping Champagne and indulging in Chocolate Mousse perfection while discussing the politics of the day. Oh to the finer things in life!

1917767_102923659725576_1228181_n-1I was fortunate enough to have grown up in an atmosphere that centered around family times, and plenty of entertaining – both in and out of the kitchen. We didn’t need a holiday as an excuse to get together. Family gatherings always included plenty of wonderful food, lots of laughs and some of the best off-key entertaining on the planet. While the adults put out a spread to end all spreads; the kids could count on a captive audience that loved everything we did. I can remember my sisters doing a wild hula dance. We sang “I want to Hold Your Hand” so off-key that the dogs in the neighborhood howled! It was only natural that as adults we love to entertain – and ham it up in the process.

Anyway, the first time I had home-made Quiche was at a family brunch. It was an Easter extravaganza to end all Easters. My middle sister, Anne, made the most awesome Bacon-Spinach Quiche as her contribution to the festivities. I’ve since collected and perfected a few recipes of my own, but hers has a very special place in my heart.

Anne’s Bacon-Spinach Quiche Pie
1 Pound cooked Bacon, crumbled
1 Package Frozen Spinach, thawed and drained of liquids
½ Cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded
½ Cup Jack Cheese, shredded
½ Cup Sliced Mushrooms
10 Eggs
½ Cup Milk
Dash of Nutmeg
Uncooked Pie Crust

Preheat oven to 400-degrees. While the oven is heating, fry up the bacon and drain on paper towels. Let the bacon cool, then crumble and set aside.

Roll out pie crust and place crust in a deep-dish pie pan and set aside.

Shred cheeses, mix together and cover bottom of pan about 1/3 of the way up with a layer of the cheese mixture.

Layer spinach, mushrooms and bacon over the cheese. Whisk eggs, milk and a dash of nutmeg together. Pour over Quiche.

Bake in preheated oven for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 degrees and continue to bake for 45 minutes to an hour until firm and cooked through.


Here’s to childhood memories and first bites!

Bygone Days and Coffee Cakes

Oh thank heaven that I had already begun this posting – the recipe was in place, and all I needed to do was write my intro. The site where I store my thousands upon thousands of recipes is down for maintenance. They are sorry for the inconvenience. Inconvenience is an understatement.

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