Ham, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese Omelette

Do you shop the big box stores? Most of you know what I mean – the floor to the rafters mega warehouses that make you buy a ton of things. Want pork chops? Awesome – the thin slice come 40 pork chops to a pack. Pork Tenderloin? Great – here’s four pounds of pork tenderloin.

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How Amazing is a Single Egg?

Oh what a beautiful Sunday Morning! Are you ready for this day? It’s a big sports day in America. Our equivalent to the World Cup. But that’s not what this morning’s post is all about.

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Breakfast Omelette and Orange Juice

Welcome to a beautiful Sunday Morning. Today is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day. Wow, that leaves things wide open, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter the kind of juice, so long as it’s fresh squeezed.

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When Something Lite Hits the Spot

Today is National Hard Candy Day and National Oatmeal Muffin Day. I’ve never actually had an Oatmeal Muffin. When I went in search of recipes to sample, none struck a cord with me. Too healthy. And I’m not a fan of hard candies. Truffles are more my thing.

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Good Morning World!

It seems we spend a lot of time celebrating National Days or honoring our Great States while sharing delicious recipes. While that’s all well and good – Lord knows we love yummy inspiration – sometimes it’s nice to just cook for the sake of cooking.

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National Days and Omelette Time

Today is the 6th day of May. It is also the Friday before Mother’s Day. May 6th is National Beverage Day, Crepe Suzette Day and Nurses Day. The Friday before Mother’s Day brings even more to the National Calendar. We have Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Provider Appreciation Day, National Space Day and School Lunch Hero Day. So what does that all mean? Good question.

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Denver Omelettes and Simple Sunday Pleasures

Happy Sunday Everyone. Today is the 3rd Sunday of the month. For us, it means taking an early morning drive just up the highway to the town of Manteca. Manteca is an outermost bedroom community of the San Francisco Bay area.

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Happy Birthday Saint Mother Teresa

Today is the actual birthday of Mother Teresa. She came into the world on August 26, 1910. Born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, she went home to Heaven on September 5, 1997. The day of her death is now her Saintly Feast Day.

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Good Morning Breakfast Omelette

Did you all have a good Mother’s Day? I hope so. Here it is, Monday Morning. Some of us are staggering out the door to brave a new work week. Some are staggering into our Work From Home corner. And others are embracing yet another Glorious Day from God.

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What’s in the Fridge Omelette

Sometimes staring blankly into the refrigerator is all you need for inspiration. My guys had headed off to work, I had already had my first morning cup of Joe for the day. The TV was on for company, and the crew of The Kitchen were talking about breakfast.

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Wake up – It’s National Egg Day!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? No matter; today is National Egg Day, so it’s all about the egg. Eggs are an essential ingredient to baked goods and are a part of our everyday diets. There’s so much to celebrate in these small packages.

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Brieze Into Sunday

Yeah, it’s Sunday. Normally I share a nice Sunday dinner with you. And I gotta say, that was the plan. But as I “thumbed” through my recipe ideas for Sunday, I saw this beautiful Omelette from Closet Cooking.

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Quick and Easy Ham Omelette Perfection

This is one of those been there, done that tales. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I stood in front of the open refrigerator. I was hungry, but I didn’t know what I was hungry for. Pulled open drawers, moved things around on shelves. Hum, something light and warm and easy. The light began to flicker.

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Lemon Chèvre Tomato Omelette

First question – what is chèvre? We all know it’s French for something, right? Chèvre is a type of goat cheese that is either made in France or made in the French Style. When fresh, chèvre is soft and creamy, with a bright, tangy flavor. Allowed to age, it becomes firm, with more intense flavors and will even develop a rind. Chèvre isn’t just a French cheese, the word means Goat in French. Chèvre is a goat-milk soft cheese.

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