When Something Lite Hits the Spot

Today is National Hard Candy Day and National Oatmeal Muffin Day. I’ve never actually had an Oatmeal Muffin. When I went in search of recipes to sample, none struck a cord with me. Too healthy. And I’m not a fan of hard candies. Truffles are more my thing.

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What’s in the Fridge Omelette

Sometimes staring blankly into the refrigerator is all you need for inspiration. My guys had headed off to work, I had already had my first morning cup of Joe for the day. The TV was on for company, and the crew of The Kitchen were talking about breakfast.

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Spinach and Tomato Omelette

marsella omelette (4)

Okay, I wasn’t planning to post yet another recipe today. I mean, four in one day is a bit much, even for me. I was actually nursing a cup of coffee, and reading a rough draft for Marseille Omelette (Rosemarie Style). Some of you Mimi Cafe lovers out there might be familiar with this open-faced egg-white omelette.

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