Polish Sausage Skillet Supper

Did you know that today is National Eat Your Vegetables Day? There are entire cookbooks dedicated to the idea that if we chop our vegetables very small, we can hide them in sauces and feed them to our unsuspecting children. Or stubborn adults.

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Slow-Cooker Barbecued Beans with Sausage Ring

It’s Wild Card Wednesday in my house, which means anything goes. Feel like breakfast for dinner? Why not! Eat Pizza in bed? You bet.

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East Meets West Might not Be What You Think

When I learned that today is National East Meets West Day, my mind immediately went to cultures – Eastern Culture and Western Culture coming together on common ground. Turns out, I was wrong. In April of 1945, World War II had been raging for over six years. Allied Forces were marching toward peace, but to reach their goal would require the coordinated efforts of the American Troops in the East and the Soviet Armies in the west.

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Kielbasa Sausage with Herbed Potatoes and Corn

I actually made this tasty supper for my family a few years back while desperately seeking something my family would enjoy and my picky brother would actually eat.  It is actually very similar to a creation of my own, only with herbs to elevate the delicious flavors. It was so delicious, so simple and so awesome that I posted it straight away to my Facebook page that very night.  I couldn’t wait to share this scrumptious find with my friends and family.

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