A Feast of Conversion

God truly is amazing. He sees beyond what we can comprehend. He knew, before the creation of Adam and Eve that people would falter and fail. So it was that He had a plan.

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One Amazing Italian Sub Calzone

Every day should be special and celebrated. Most of us know Taco Tuesday. Today is simply Tuscan Thursday in our house. What better way to kick off our shoes and have a casual supper than with a Calzone?

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A Beautiful Tuscan Feast

A few months back, we discovered a little Italian eatery that was amazing. The chef is so talented. Every dish was perfectly executed. The service was flawless. So what was the problem?

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Zesty Italian Crescent Pie

The first time I read though this recipe from Pillsbury I thought it was good, but needed some tweaking. After all, they called their recipe Zesty Italian Crescent Casserole. Catchy title, but one small problem. Well, actually two if you want to get picky about it.

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Italian Roast Chicken

As I sat down to write a post about this awesome Roast Chicken Supper, it had been my intention to put together a whole Sunday Roast Chicken Supper thing. But then I realized the first Sunday I had open was Father’s Day Weekend. Italian Roast Chicken doesn’t exactly scram Happy Father’s Day, although it really should.

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Florentine Style Cod

When we hear “Florentine”, our thoughts immediately gravitate to spinach and Italy. Interestingly enough, the phrase a la Florentine was  actually coined by the French. While we might not fully know why Florence is so often associated with spinach, some believe the style of dish was named for the birthplace of Catherine de Medicis; who introduced Spinach into Callic cuisine with her marriage to France’s Prince Henry in 1533.

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Mushroom Chicken Thighs

Today is the Day of The Mushroom Day. This is not to be confused with National Mushroom Day, October 15 or National Stuffed Mushroom Day, February 4. How many days can fungi have? Looks like at least three to me. Now Stuffed Mushrooms, I get the distinction. But Mushroom Day and Day of the Mushroom – come on now. That’s really pushing it.

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Welcome to International Carbonara Day!

International Carbonara Day is a relatively new Foodie Holiday. It was launched on April 6, 2017 by two trade associations; the Italian Association of confectionery and Pasta Industries (AIDEPI) and the International Pasta Organization (IPO).

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Look to Italy on Lenten Fridays

Today is the 5th Friday of Lent. Normally, during this time of the year Catholics world-wide refrain from eating meat on Fridays. This year, for some Catholics in the United States, things are different.

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Sautéed Tilapia with Lemon-Caper Pan Sauce

You learn something new every day. I was about to tell you that this is the 5th Friday of Lent, but I would have been wrong. Sure, it’s the 5th Friday after Ash Wednesday, but apparently when counting Lenten Fridays, that first one doesn’t count because it is not preceded by a Sunday of Lent. Do you have a headache now? So confusing.

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Spinach Ravioli Lasagna

Good Morning. Good Morning. Debbie Reynolds is singing in my head. Ghee, what a way to start the day! Happy Friday everyone.

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A Crown Fitting for the Day

As I’m sure you have guessed, today is National Crown Roast of Pork Day. Just as the name suggests, this roast is worthy of a royal celebration.

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Mixing it Up with Creamy Avocado Manicotti

Many, many years ago I got it in my head that for the entire 40 Days of Lent, we would not eat meat. As in none. Fridays were reserved strictly for Fish or Seafood, the rest of the week something meatless (like cheese pizza). The one exception was Sunday Supper, since Sundays are not counted as part of the 40-Days. Even then, I made attempts to limit the meat consumption.

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You are Invited to Nana’s Sunday Supper

Do you ever wonder if you were someone else in a prior life? I don’t mean someone famous like Napoleon or Cleopatra. I mean just an ordinary person living in a different time and place.

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Instant Pot Nugget Chicken Cacciatore

On the weekly planner for Tuscan Thursday (aka anything Italian) was my Nugget Chicken Cacciatore. It’s a favorite in our house. Naturally, I had done my shopping with that recipe in mind. But then a light came on . . .

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